FAU police stand outside the Humanities and Technology building. Joe Pye | Editor in Chief

University wants reinstated cop who threatened to shoot fellow officer fired

July 11, 2017

FAU wants a university police officer fired — for the second time in a year.

FAU starts looking for a new university president

Christopher Massana

October 1, 2013

The job isn’t posted online anywhere — there isn’t a final description of the work involved — there isn’t even a concrete timetable for when FAU wants the position filled, but a search committee is actively looking for the university’s seventh president. Last Wednesday, Sept. 25, a 15-member board met for the first time in the recruitme...

FAU Board of Trustees approves tuition increase, waives increase, considers $45 million hotel, hires firm for presidential search

Dylan Bouscher

August 19, 2013

Student Body President Peter Amirato and 10 other members of FAU’s Board of Trustees — the appointed officials who approve how your tuition is spent and who the next university president will be — selected a company to help search for the seventh president in a conference-call meeting today. By the end of the call, the Board also approved a 1.7 per...

FAU joins state universities offering health insurance benefits for LGBT employees’ partners

Dylan Bouscher

July 23, 2013

In an equal rights fight going back ten years, victory can be claimed once and for all by FAU’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. This year is the first time that  FAU’s LGBT employees can be reimbursed for their domestic partner’s health insurance, if they receive insurance through the university. It started back in March...

FAU Board of Trustees appoints interim president, approves post-tenure review

Austen Erblat

June 27, 2013

Today FAU’s Board of Trustees — the 13 officials who vote on tuition rates, loan debts, and other financial decisions — appointed Acting President Dennis Crudele to be interim president, and approved a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the university’s faculty union. The board also announced the new dorm, Parliament Hall will be comple...

FAU tuition and fees unchanged, first time in five years

Dylan Bouscher

June 24, 2013

This year, some Florida universities approved tuition increases, while others requested increasing existing fees, or creating and imposing entirely new fees on their students — FAU ended up doing none of the above. After the Florida State Legislature passed a three percent tuition increase earlier this year, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed it, the Sun Senti...

FAU Board of Trustees approves new budget and campus leasing

Dylan Bouscher

June 4, 2013

Less than a month after canceling a full meeting, some of FAU’s Board of Trustees — the university’s 13 officials who vote on tuition and other decisions — welcomed two new members and a new acting president earlier today. Three of the BOT’s five committees approved a new annual operating budget, new admission requirements for military v...

FAU’s football stadium gets a new name from a prison company with years of legal baggage

Christopher Massana and Sarah Pruzansky

February 28, 2013

Within minutes of the Board of Trustees’ vote, the image of a rotating FAU logo disappeared from the TV screen in the stadium recruitment room. Replacing it was a white screen with the words “Welcome to GEO Group Stadium.” A subtle change, but one that couldn’t have been more impactful if iron bars had dropped down over the windows. On Tuesday, ...

Commentary: FAU officials endorse fraud and million-dollar debt, state officials silent

Karla Bowsher

June 5, 2012   The face of FAU is hiding from the press. A university spokesman is praising FAU officials who lied on state documents. And state education officials are mum. It all started last month, when we published a package called Public distrust: a special investigation into FAU's Board of Trustees. (They're th...

Commentary: The appearance of impropriety

Karla Bowsher; Reporting by Karla Bowsher and James Shackelford

May 15, 2012

Control over Florida's 11 public universities traces back to a single political position — which requires no experience in higher ed. The governor handpicks most of the officials who call the shots for schools like FAU. Those officials decide everything from the cost of dorm rooms to the salaries of university presidents. At the state level, a...

Who’s in charge here?

Karla Bowsher; Reporting by Karla Bowsher and James Shackelford

May 15, 2012

Experience. Leadership. Management. Philanthropy. Awards. These are the words FAU's Board of Trustees members used to describe themselves when they applied to join the board. Bankruptcy filings. Foreclosures. Tax warrants. Court orders to pay debts. These are the words they neglected to mention. As FAU's highest-ranking leaders, the tr...

Here’s how it works

Karla Bowsher and James Shackelford

May 15, 2012

Mary Jane Saunders may be FAU's president, but she's not the boss. She reports to the Board of Trustees. The trustees are responsible — per state law — for "cost-effective policy," "high-quality education programs," and ensuring FAU meets "state policy, budgeting, and education standards." In other words, the trustees make the big decisions, the multimillion-dollar decisions. They're the ones...