Memorial outside Garage 2. Photo by Alex Liscio.

Students call out FAU on social media, demand transparency and change after suicide on campus

December 17, 2019

After the suicide on campus that occurred in early November, FAU students feel FAU administration should have been more transparent about the incident.

Deandre Poole, a professor of communications at FAU, is running for Palm Beach County office. Photo courtesy of Poole

FAU “stomp on Jesus” professor running for Palm Beach office

June 21, 2019

Dr. Deandre Poole is running for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections in 2020. His main goal is eliminating voter suppression.

FAU’s “Jesus Stomp” Professor Deandre Poole Reinstated

Austen Erblat

July 31, 2013

Over three months ago FAU Communications professor, Deandre Poole, was threatened by student Ryan Rotela, for what became known nationally as the “Jesus Stomping” exercise. Now, Rotela wants to sit with Poole over Starbucks. But since the controversial exercise made national headlines, Poole was placed on administrative leave for safety reasons,...

FAU’s “Jesus Stomp” Professor Deandre Poole Reinstated

Austen Erblat

June 21, 2013

More than three months after Professor of Communications and Multimedia Studies, Deandre Poole, was placed on administrative leave for his “Jesus Stomping exercise,” he was rehired. The status and whereabouts of Poole were unknown until today when Interim Dean of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters Heather Coltman announced his rei...

Communications Professor Deandre Poole’s status at FAU is still unknown

Chastity Pascoe

June 12, 2013

What started out as a routine exercise gave Communications Professor Deandre Poole an uncertain future. It’s been four months since the “Jesus Stomping” exercise and Poole’s career status is still unknown. Poole is awaiting a recommendation by the provost that will enable him to teach at the university once again. The classroom exercise ...