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Rat spotted in Atlantic Dining Hall Sunday, videos circulate Monday

November 18, 2019

Students spotted a rat Sunday under the tables and entrance of the Atlantic Dining Hall, FAU’s main cafeteria on campus, accor...

There's been no progress on removing Papa John's from FAU since August of last year. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Papa John’s isn’t leaving FAU anytime soon

February 7, 2019

The university said it would remove the pizza chain from campus after the its founder’s racist language, but nobody has an answer for when this will happen.

Veganism is different from vegetarianism because vegans don't eat any animal products like eggs or dairy, while vegetarians only skip meat. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Students give their take on vegan options at FAU’s Boca campus

December 12, 2018

PETA gave FAU a high rating for its vegan options, but some students say the menu doesn’t cut it.

Interior of the Atlantic Dining Hall when it's open. Photo by Andrew Fraieli | Opinions Editor

Campus food costs around the state

November 19, 2017

As registration for spring classes begins, students express their frustrations over campus food costs.

Living Room Theaters surprised by older clientele, wants more students [Video included]

September 28, 2016

When Ernesto Rimoch, founder and CEO of Living Room Theaters, was asked by Florida Atlantic faculty in 2007 to build one of his theaters on its Boca Raton campus, he did not expect his clientele to consist primarily of the elderly community.

The Outtakes convenience store in Innovation Village Apartments North is closing indefinitely while Chartwells renovates its other restaurants on campus. The residence hall location, which opened in 2011, does not have a timetable for its re-opening. Ari Boyll | Contributing Writer

Innovation Village North Outtakes closed due to renovations

September 14, 2016

Students looking to shop at the Innovation Village Apartments Outtakes will have to wait, as the location will be closed indefinitely...

After being in the food court for two semesters J.J Red Hots closed last semester. It is being replaced by Blendz Cafe. Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer

New on-campus restaurant options to come after recent closings

August 3, 2015

fter several on-campus restaurant closings within the last year, students have been left with less options and wondering what...

FAU's Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich and medium drink. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

New chick on campus

January 10, 2015

  After a long wait, students were finally able to eat at Chick-fil-A. The franchise has been a hot topic for much of the fall semester, with many students wondering aloud why the construction p...