Papa John’s isn’t leaving FAU anytime soon

The university said it would remove the pizza chain from campus after the its founder’s racist language, but nobody has an answer for when this will happen.


There’s been no progress on removing Papa John’s from FAU since August of last year. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Hope Taylor, Contributing Writer

In August 2018, FAU said the Boca campus’ Papa John’s would be replaced after the company’s founder, John Schnatter, caused controversy by using racial slurs — but there has been no progress on its removal.

Schnatter reportedly used the n-word during a conference call in May 2018, which caused multiple universities across the country — including University of North Florida, University of Kentucky, and Oregon State — to boot the chain from their campuses.

Media Relations Vice President Joshua Glanzer said that the university works with Chartwells, FAU’s food-providing company, to “ensure the widest variety of popular dining options are available to our student body.” However, he did not comment on when Papa John’s will be withdrawn from campus, or if FAU has even begun the process.

“This is an ongoing process that involves continually reviewing the vendors we work with and the dining experiences they provide. Whenever we decide to change any food vendors, whether [Papa John’s] or others, we will be sure to communicate these decisions to the FAU community in a timely manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, Carlos Dias, the retail manager of the campus’ Papa John’s, had no knowledge of FAU removing the chain.

“I don’t know anything about Papa John’s leaving,” he said.

He added that he called Papa John’s business relations, who also did not know of any plans to shut down.

The University Press reached out to Chartwells for comment, but they declined to respond.

Hope Taylor is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].