Multicultural Programming celebrates Ferragosto

FAU’s Multicultural Programming showcased a taste of Italy by hosting the first “Ferragosto” event at the Boca Raton campus’ Housing Lawn on Friday, Aug. 29 from 5-8 p.m.

“Ferragosto” is a national holiday in Italy introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 B.C., marking the celebration of his marriage. Nowadays, it signals the start of Italy’s vacation period scheduled on Aug. 15, alongside additional Roman festivals falling in the same month.

As the FAU fall semester began on Aug. 18, Multicultural Program director Logan Rae informed the UP on why she chose the event at a later date.

“[Because] school started on this week, plus the 16th was the foam party, so we wanted to go [for] support for Program Board,” explained Rae. “Also, the Italian professors were studying abroad so in order to include them, we started this event a few weeks later.”

UPWEB_Ferragosto_Mohammed F Emran-6
Italian soda was served, it is made with cream, sparkling water, flavor mix, whipped cream, and cherry on top. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Volunteering at the event were a few members of Club Insieme—FAU’s Italian club. Promotional fliers of their club and study abroad program stood nearby the sign-up tables and were also taped onto the surrounding palm trees.

Once students signed in, they were directed towards a tented table and served Italian cream soda DIY style. The cream sodas contained a variety of six flavors, sparkling water imported from Italy, heavy cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top with an Italian flag embellishment.

UPWEB_Ferragosto_Mohammed F Emran-11
A cupcake that looks like spaghetti and meatballs. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

“It’s really fizzy—I like it,” said sophomore theater major Natalia Cereceda, while drinking her strawberry cream soda. “I’m having a really nice time. It’s a nice change in this field.”

Just before 6 p.m., assorted cookies and cupcakes from Cakes by Margalit were handed out to students. Both the sugar cookies and cupcakes ranged in sizes and decorations with an Italian theme.

“I like the desserts, the cream soda is very creative. I think it’s a great getaway,” said Boca campus treasurer Samica Telhomme.

Headlining for the second time at FAU were -kids-, a local band hailing from Fort Lauderdale. On Ferragosto night, they performed 15 songs: three from their first album, nine new songs from their upcoming album, and three cover songs.

“Thanks, that was our new song,” joked vocalist and guitarist Josiah Sampson after a 7 p.m. performance of Phillip Phillips’ “Home.”

Kids band playing. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

The setlist -kids- played had a wide variety of music, ranging from ballad pieces to high-energy indie rock—to the point where small dance circles made up of eight people reached its way near the stage.

While the band performed throughout the event, they interacted with fans, students, and program volunteers once the show ended at 7:40 p.m. by taking photos, signing autographs, and exchanging tattoo stories and anime spoilers.

Attendance fluctuated throughout the evening, with the headcount increasing when the baked goods were served and the band -kids- started playing. Once the cookies and cupcakes were gone, so were the headcounts.

However, Rae was surprised by the 155 signed formal attendees in contrast with the 85 confirmed RSVPs via their Facebook page.

IMG_9638_ Netanya Walton
Kids band poses for pictures with Multicultural Programming. Netanya Walton | Contributing Photographer

“This year, we’re trying to instill different cultures and get students involved. This also helps to educate students,” said Rae about her goals for Multicultural Programming. “They’ll do research and learn about the culture. ‘How many students here are all Italian?’ We wanna bring everyone together in welcoming programs.”

Despite the harsh humidity, buzzing gnats and other time-conflicting events on campus, Rae was grateful for the students who stayed from beginning to end.

“It was beyond our control, but I’m glad people stayed and had fun,” said Rae.

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