Freshman First: Maria Bhairosingh, New Chair of Elections

Freshman Maria Bhairosingh tackles both getting to know the campus and her new leadership role within it.



Image courtesy of SG

Photo courtesy of Maria Bhairosingh
Photo courtesy of Maria Bhairosingh

While most freshmen struggled to find their classes the first weeks of Fall, Maria Bhairosingh earned the position of Chair of Elections for student government.The position requires extensive  knowledge of the voting process and facilitating the elections for both Fall and Spring terms. Maria is the first freshman in FAU history to be given that role.

“A lot of people have actually been surprised that this freshman is meeting the president of the school, and other members of the school,” Bhairosingh said.

But Maria’s experience as treasurer her junior year of high school and president her senior year made her the right woman for the job. She hopes to use this opportunity to meet new faces around campus and better the environment for the students.

Maria held down a job in addition to holding office while in high school. She plans to use this experience to help her balance her workload between her first semester and her new position. She also plans on utilizing the experience of other officers to guide her in her new role.

Maria recognizes the responsibilities she’s taken on, and the bar she is setting.

“Typically, people who hired me don’t give these jobs to freshmen because they believe freshmen do not have the kind of experience or knowledge to handle this type of area,” said Bhairosingh.

“But my background knowledge of student government has allowed me to break down that barrier of ‘oh yeah she’s a freshman she’s not going to be able to handle the job’. I hope that I can show that not only can I handle this but future freshmen will be able to as well.”