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Growing Pains

October 6, 2015

Florida Atlantic is attracting more students and just recently hosted a sell out crowd for the University of Miami game, breaking the notion that FAU stands for “find another university.”

Alexis Hayward | Web Editor

Wasted Woes: I Wish I Hadn’t Bought That

July 10, 2015

I wish someone would have told me that school supply shopping in college is very different from shopping for school supplies in high school. You’d assume that’s common sense, right? Well, going supply shopping in college with a high school mentality is more common than you would think.

Mohammed F. Emran | Staff Photographer

Circus act: How to juggle everything in college

June 26, 2015

poiler alert, this article WILL NOT teach you how to juggle bowling pins – I’m sorry. But it will teach you how to “juggle...

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Freshman First: Maria Bhairosingh, New Chair of Elections

August 31, 2014

While most freshmen struggled to find their classes the first weeks of Fall, Maria Bhairosingh earned the position of Chair of Elections for student government...