Former FAU employee faces crimes in court

Former FAU employee caught videotaping students urinating faces crimes in court

Miranda Schumes, Multimedia Editor

Former FAU employee Seth Thompson pleaded no contest to video voyeurism charges in court on Friday. Thompson also apologized to the judge and said that he is now a different person.

Thompson was arrested in December after an investigation confirmed that he filmed students urinating in FAU bathrooms and posted the videos onto pornographic websites. He was charged with 13 counts of video voyeurism and charged with dissemination of voyeurism.

But, according to the prosecution, the damage has already been done, since the videos were uploaded to the internet. In court the prosecution claimed that the student victims “are now like trading cards on the internet” and “will forever be exposed with thousands of views already“.

The prosecution called for Thompson to serve two years in prison with probation, while the defense asked only for probation. A ruling will be made next week.

Last June, a student notified FAU PD that a video had been placed on a website of him urinating in an FAU bathroom. FAU PD launched an investigation shortly after, revealing over a dozen similar videos that had been posted onto pornographic websites. The activity was tracked to Thompson in August, who resigned shortly after. Thompson worked in the FAU Wimberly Library.