FAU Set to Air First-Ever Sitcom and It’s Far From Normal

Thought your roommate situation was bad? Think again. Owl TV is previewing it’s first ever sitcom on Thursday, March 27 at 6 p.m and they are hosting a free, public gathering for the premiere in the Indian River Tower classroom that will be anything but normal.

Miranda Schumes

Jamie Vaughn, Features Editor

Living in a house with one person is bad enough; living in a house with three different families is completely “Ab-Normal.”

“Ab-Normals” is a 30-minute sitcom based on the lives of three different families who marry into one another and have to learn to live not only with each other, but with themselves as well.

The show, available soon on Owl TV’s Youtube, is a drama-comedy based loosely on the idea of an updated version of former ’90s sitcom, “Full House.” The first season will feature six episodes that will “help the audience learn and love who they [the characters] are,” according to freshman communication major Joey Weisler.

Weisler is the creator, writer and executive producer of Ab-Normals — a title chosen to portray that anything can happen in life because nothing is abnormal. The show will feature some of the sticky, uncomfortable and hilarious situations Weisler has encountered or witnessed throughout his own life.

“This sitcom is dedicated to anyone who ever looked me over for being the quiet kid,” said Weisler. “What several individuals do not understand about ‘quiet folks’ is that we still have a lot to say just like the rest of you — we are just very careful as to who we open ourselves up to.”

Weisler has been working on “Ab-Normals” since 2007 and is excited to finally see the results of his labor. He says the show is his way of paying it forward to all the people who helped him succeed in life and also prove the doubters wrong.

“A year ago tonight, I was probably crying myself to sleep,” said Weisler.”I didn’t have to join a club or a fraternity to make friends, I just gave what I could.”

And what he gave was enough to create a sitcom that casts students from FAU including a few from the theater department.

Freshman theater major Sara Paull will play the role of Hannah, who is the stepsister of Josh Norm (who will be portrayed by freshman theater major Bobby Moore). Paull is optimistic about the sitcom’s future and excited to take part in the show.

  • “I have never heard of any university that puts on their own sitcoms, by their own students, about the development of human beings in this day and age and the struggles of family life, relationships and school that go along with it,” said Paull.

  • Paull is also the co-director of the show and thinks of herself as “the spirit” of the cast and crew, keeping things together. All of the students involved in the project are volunteering their time for the show without pay.

“I am doing this for free because I love acting and I want to help Joey [Weisler] out by seeing his show come to life.” said Moore, whose character is partially based on Weisler’s life.

“Ab-Normals” is a non-profit sitcom that is utilizing every resource available, including Associate Director for Residential Life Artie Jamison. Jamison is providing a setting for the show by volunteering rooms in Indian River Tower and Innovation Village Apartments.

Owl TV, FAU’s student television organization, is volunteering their time and equipment to “Ab-Normals” free of charge, as well.

“Joey is a pioneer with his show; he has built a ship from scratch and now it is ready to set sail,” said Owl TV Station Manager Tyler Tipton. “I am very proud of him and I am also excited that we now have a sitcom at Owl TV.”

*”Ab-Normals” does not have a set weekly airtime or public premiere date yet but you can like the Facebook for up-to-date information on the sitcom. You can also subscribe to Owl Tv’s Youtube to receive alerts when the show is uploaded.