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Maddy’s Movies: This February rekindle your childhood love of building with “The Lego Movie”


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Break out the Lego kits you have stored in the back of your closets or up in the attic. “The Lego Movie” will stir up your nostalgia and get those creative juices flowing — no instructions required.

This is the perfect movie for older fans of Lego and a great way to introduce the most beloved toy in anyone’s childhood to a new generation.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) is a regular construction worker Lego. He lives his life by the book. Literally, the instruction book that tells every Lego citizen of Bricksburg how to live their life: “Exercise, greet your neighbors, and buy overpriced coffee.”

When Emmet stumbles upon the legendary “Piece of Resistance,” he fulfils a prophecy and becomes the “Special,” the only Lego who can stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell).

Together with the ambitious Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Batman (Will Arnett), and other memorable Lego characters, Emmet will save all of the Lego worlds and stop Lord Business’ evil plan.

I was not expecting this movie to be that great. I thought, you know, it would be a cute little kids movie.

No, it is so much better than that.

This is the perfect movie for anyone who has played with Lego. The whole world is made of Lego. I mean, of course it’s called “The Lego Movie,” but surely everything can’t be Lego. But it is! The people are Lego, all the animals are Lego, and the waves and clouds are all made of Lego bricks. Even laser beams are represented by transparent Lego “lightsaber blades.”

This movie is also awesome when you learn it’s a combination of stop-motion and CGI. The sound effects are perfect too because when the characters walk it sounds like Lego-on-Lego.

It’s adorable.

Even if you weren’t a “Master Builder” in your day, like some of the characters in the movie are, you’ll still appreciate all of the references. For instance, the different Lego worlds are based off their kits, like the old west and middle ages. And the consistency with the running gags just add to the awesomeness of this movie (warning: that “Everything it awesome!” song will get stuck in your head).

Pratt, Banks, Freeman, Arnettm and Ferrell are hilarious. Pratt has already shown his comedy skills in “Parks and Recreations” and proves he can hold his own as a voice actor. Arnett as Batman is a classic narcissist and Banks offers a strong support to Emmet on his quest.

I was so happily surprised by this movie. Honestly it is taking over “Frozen” for my favorite new animated film right now (I still love you Elsa). Every element from gags, to the plot, to the animation just worked perfectly together.

I give “The Lego Movie” four out of four bricks. I can’t stress enough how much I love this movie. I hope you do too. But go and see it and tell me how you like it. And remember, “Everything is awesome!”

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