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Apparent suicide forces road closure at FAU

FAU Police Department temporarily closed the Glades Road east entrance to the Boca Raton campus on Saturday, August 24. The closure resulted from an incident described by FAU PD as an “apparent suicide” in a statement sent to students via email, about four hours after the road was shut down.

The victim has been identified and their family was notified. As of publication time, the identity of the victim is not publicly known. However, FAU PD stated that the individual in question is not FAU-affiliated.

“A situation of any kind should be reported and road closure notifications would’ve been helpful,” Graduate Assistant Judith Elizabeth Martinez commented on the UP’s Facebook post about the closure. “I was fearful that the school was on lockdown and I had just missed the alert. Scary!”

If the situation presented a threat to the campus community, WPTV reported, the emergency alert system would have immediately notified students of the danger via text, voicemail, and social media.

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Here’s the full message FAU PD emailed to students:

“On Saturday, August 24, at approximately 2 p.m., there was a police incident on the Boca Raton campus that resulted in a temporary road closure that affected one entrance of the campus. The situation, an apparent suicide of a non-FAU affiliated individual, was contained and at no time was the campus community in danger. The victim was identified and the family has been notified. This message is being sent due to inquiries regarding the situation.

 If this had been an emergency or threat to the campus, the FAU Alert system would have be activated and messages immediately conveyed to the FAU community via email, text, phone and social media. FAU Alert is a robust system designed to alert faculty, staff and students when necessary.

 Florida Atlantic University provides a safe and healthy environment through a comprehensive offering of services and detailed information. In the event of an emergency, information will also be conveyed via the University website home page at www.fau.edu and on the University status page www.fau.edu/advisory.

 Florida Atlantic University Police Department”


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