Brother Micah draws a crowd on FAU Free Speech Lawn

Lulu Ramadan

Photo by Michelle Friswell.
Photo by Michelle Friswell.
Brother Micah Armstrong had all eyes on him today when he took to the Free Speech Lawn — that is, until he was interrupted.

“Take to the Lord and repent for your sins,” Brother Micah preached at the crowd of students forming a circle around him around him, separated by a fence.

“Guess what? I like big butts and I cannot lie,” yelled Kat Muyrs, freshman undecided major, before catching the crowds attention by “booty popping.”

“I’m in the business of getting rid of crack whores,” Brother Micah shouted, pointing at Muyrs.

Micah talked about marijuana, premarital sex, and rock and roll, among other things, from noon until 5 p.m. He told students they would go to hell if they didn’t read the Bible and repent for their sins. Three FAU officers awaited close by for Brother Micah’s safety. Two years ago, a friend of Brother Micah’s was punched by a student in the crowd.

Photo by Michelle Friswell.
Photo by Michelle Friswell.
On the lawn behind him sat Micah’s wife, Sister Elizabeth. “This is biblical,” she said. “The Bible talks about Jesus having open air meetings. We get a chance to exercise free speech.”

Some students exercised free speech right back. They shouted things like, “Jesus is not speaking for you,” and “You’re the sinner.”

“Jesus died for us,” Sister Elizabeth said. “For me, for you, for these students. Even the Jewish ones.”

Brother Micah walked around the fenced off circle pointing at each student’s face repeating, “Hell awaits you.”

Some students were offended. “I don’t think it’s really right. Who gave you the right to judge anyone?” said Destiny Cummings, freshman nursing major. “I just went to church on Sunday and I think this guy is crazy. He’s a hypocrite.”

Brother Micah was untroubled by the students’ backlash. “I’m a happy homophobe,” he sang.