Dancing Queens keep FAU Students Feeling Fabulous

Maddy Mesa


Drag queens dressed in sequins and glitter brought love and equality to FAU —along with their wigs.

DJ Impact, better known as FAU sophomore Xavier Ford, played music as students filled the Live Oak room on Friday night. By the time the show started at 7:15 p.m. the seats were full and some students were left standing in the back of the room. The event’s “hostess with the mostest,” was FAU junior and Theater major Gerald Arroyo, a.k.a Ariel Rimm wearing a bright yellow sheer dress.

After performing “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia, Arroyo welcomed the crowd and joked that, “It takes a lot of time and a lot of money to look this cheap.”

Arroyo is fairly new to drag having started two years ago and loves the performance part of it.

“Drag is just another form of theater for me,” Arroyo said hours before the show as he prepared his four wigs to use throughout the show. “It is amazing to sit there and see what makeup, hair and costumes can transform someone into,” he said.

Kalio Muse performed next. Though the DJ had some issues playing the tracks, Kalio Muse kept dancing with high kicks, ending his act in a low split.

After changing outfits into a nude, sequin dress with rhinestones over his private parts, Ariel Rimm (Arroyo) introduced the next performer after having silenced a heckler in the audience who told Ariel Rimm she should be wearing a tiara.

“I don’t have a tiara, sweetie,”  Arroyo said. “I have a crown.”

A half hour into the show, Monica Chanel performed to a Rihanna medley. There were still students pouring in through the doors.

Current Lambda United President Daniela Feriozzi was pleased with the turnout. “When I saw the room,” she said, “I thought it would be empty, but it really filled up.”

Students were treated to acts by Daizee DeLuxx, first time drag performer Trixie Dixie a.k.a FAU senior Jordan Bontrager, and Rianna Patrone who got a standing ovation for her wild dance moves and crazy flips on the stage.

Trixie Dixie may have made her debut at FAU, but he has been dancing in clubs all over Florida.

“Dance is where my biggest passion has been,” Bontrager said.

Usually dancing as himself in “pretty boy” style drag in which the abs, pecs and the overall male look is heightened, Bontrager decided to dress up in drag this year instead of the amateur fashion. With help from his friend Paige Belcher, freshman and theater major, Bontrager spent the past week coming up with his look.

“If it wasn’t for her,” Bontrager said, “This wouldn’t have happened.”

LGBTQA Specialist Emily Calfo was in charge of the event and loved the new look. “I was really excited Trixie got to do her debut here because everybody really seemed to love her,” Calfo said. Some of Calfo’s duties include running the LGBTQA Resource Center, managing volunteers, and peer mentoring. She also helped put on last year’s drag show.

“Last year was our first year and it was put together quickly,” Calfo said. “It was kind of like testing the water to see if it would be accepted and what the reception would be on campus.”

Intermission came about at 7:55 p.m. It was “Amateur Fashion Show” time. Both Lambda members and students who came dressed up to the walk in the fashion show.

First time Drag Show attendee and sophomore, business major Julia Ann Caruso, came dressed in a Lady Gaga-esque dress made entirely of fashion magazine pages.

“I’m part of a Material World which is FAU’s fashion club,” Caruso said. “We were told we were going to do a fashion show in the middle [of the event]. So I need something that was out there and wild but also had high fashion written all over it.”

Once intermission was over it was back to the Queens.

Arroyo opened the second half of the event with Lady Gaga’s “Hair” throwing off and replacing three different Gaga styled wigs till ending the number with his own hair on display.

“Girl the wigs came off,” Arroyo said, a little out of breath, after his performance ended.

Trixie Dixie came back out lip-synching to all parts of Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” feat. KeSha & Nicki Minaj. Daizee DeLuxx and Rianna Patrone also performed a second routine.

Just before the final act, Arroyo came out with an important message. “This last performance is dedicated to anyone who has felt alone,” he said

“Know that each and everyone of you is beautiful.” The audience filled with applause.

For the last act, Kalio Muse lip-synched Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” while in a dramatic performance taking off all his makeup and changing from drag to regular shorts and t-shirt.

The event ended with Q&A from the audiences. Questions were light and ranged from, “Where do you get your weaves?” to “Where do you guys think of you names?”

As students left the room, some stayed behind to talk more with the Drag Queens and take pictures with them.

“I thought it was great,” Juan Izaguirre, Multicultural Affairs Director said. “Being in its second year so it’s still brand new to us and seeing that we even outgrew this space was fantastic.”

Izaguirre attributes much of the night’s successes to Calfo. “She did fantastic,” he said. “As her first major program she did a fantastic job. She got the artists here, she got the students here, and she had the students help decorate.”

The decorations came down and everybody packed up their kits to go home after a fabulous show. “It was amazing, it was incredible, everybody was great,” Calfo said. “And I’m really impressed by the turn out. I’m really happy about it.”