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Best of 2011: Professors


Some professors did an over the top job last year, while others made students want to pull their hair out.  And the one who makes the most money, doesn’t  even do much teaching.

Barry Axe. Photo courtesy of FAU media relations.

Lamest professor

Barry Axe

By Briana Harris

Some classes can quickly become a drag when you’re stuck with one of the worst-rated professors on campus. And judging from students’ reactions, there’s one guy you don’t want to be stuck with.

Barry Axe.

He teaches classes such as Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior. But his profile appears near the top of Google when you search “worst professor at FAU.”

Comments and ratings on ratemyprofessor.com suggest that Axe seems to be a contradiction as a teacher. According to past students, he teaches management and organizational behavior — with a personal organization issue.

Students said he often misplaced their work or messed up during grading. Supposedly, he tends to interrupt students frequently and is easily distracted, to the point where concentrating and learning in class is rather difficult.

Here’s some of the feedback on ratemyprofessor.com:

“Mr. Axe…oh he’s a total spaz. I’ve never met anyone more discombobulated. This is an organizational and management class, but with Axe as a professor….it’s easy to forget that.”

“He’s lost my assignments more than once. It’s quite annoying when you’re organizational and management professor can’t seem to manage or organize his student’s work!”

“Mr. Axe confuses me. When he forges his thoughts mid-sentence, it makes me lose all concentration too. I never learn anything in his class; I get too distracted by Axe’s random word fumbling and paper shuffling.”

“Professor….what professor? I’ve been teaching myself all semester!”

The 22 pages of negative feedback makes it seem that class with Axe is more of a dread than it is a learning experience.

When you register for classes, I would suggest that you do your research. It may help you avoid a semester full of frustration, especially if you have to take intro to management and organizational behavior.

Joseph Ouslander. Photo courtesy of FAU media relations

Highest paid professor

Joseph Ouslander

By Chris Persaud

Joseph Ouslander spends most of his time researching and studying old people. And he gets big bucks to do it.

In 2011, Ouslander, Senior Associate Dean of Geriatric Programs and Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science in FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine got $329,100 — more than any other professor at FAU.

Ouslander’s research focuses on geriatrics with overactive bladders, insomnia, and their health in general, according to his FAU bio page.

He got his B.A. in Natural Sciences from John Hopkins University in 1973, and his M.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 1977.

But Ouslander’s work doesn’t end at FAU. He has been Chief Medical Officer of Wesley Woods Center (which specializes in elderly healthcare), Director of the Emory Center for Health in Aging (both are in Atlanta), and a research scientist at the Birmingham/Atlanta VA Geriatric Research in Alabama. On top of all that, he’s also published over 200 academic articles.

Basically, this man gets top dollar at FAU for his work on senior citizens — though at a university in Boca Raton, that’s no surprise.

Salary data taken from Governor Rick Scott’s FloridaHasARightToKnow.com and FAU Faculty Union website UFF-FAU.org.


Evelyn Fraizer. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Fraizer.

Coolest professor

Evelyn Fraizer

By Briana Harris

Science classes can be difficult and sometimes boring –– at least for me.

But taking science with Evelyn Frazier seems to be the best way to tackle the subject.

Students who have taken classes with Frazier, who teaches classes such Biodiversity and Life Science, say she’s not just a good science professor — she’s the best. Acording to ratemyprofessor.com, Frazier’s strict but thoughtful personality made her score bonus points with her students.

There are 21 pages and 105 comments in Frazier’s favor –– only six people rated her “less than average.” Despite a few negative comments, Frazier is one of the few professors that has pages upon pages of positive student feedback.

Here are some of the comments students had on Frazier:

“Ms. Frazier is kind of strict, but I must admit she’s for sure the reason why I passed Life Science. She doesn’t put up with us using laptops in class, but in the end I guess passing class was more important than Facebook or Netflix, anyway.”

“I love Professor Frazier! She actually cares about her students and will take out time to help you in any way. You learn a lot of material in this class, but if you pay attention to her notes, you’re like guaranteed a decent grade. She’s super sweet and makes jokes in class. Too bad I’m already done with my sciences, or else I would definitely take a class with her again. Everyone needs a good professor like her!”

So if you’re looking for a fun way to pass your science class, you might want to consider taking it with Frazier.

But hurry – in the past, registering for her classes has been a constant race. With her popularity, her classes should fill up within minutes.



In an earlier version of the section in this story titled “Highest Paid Professor,” several errors were made:

1. Dr. Joseph Ouslander’s title is Senior Associate Dean of Geriatric Programs and Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science in FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine.

2. Dr. Ouslander was listed as Chief Medical Officer of Wesley Woods Center, Director of the Emory Center for Health in Aging, and a research scientist at the Birmingham /Atlanta VA Geriatric Research in Alabama. However, Ouslander has not held these positions since 2008.

3. Ouslander teaches multiple sessions in the Foundations of Medicine course to the new medical students in the College of Medicine and is an adviser to 16 medical students. The UP reported otherwise.

The UP would like to issue its most sincere apology to Dr. Ouslander and any others affected by the errors.

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  • D

    Derick VanettiSep 2, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    LOL are you kidding me? In my opinion Dr. Frazier could care less about teaching her students biology and ONLY cares about imposing authoritarian style rules that have the harshest consequences I have ever seen in my entire college experience, she talks down to students and is very judgmental and miss her true calling as a corrupt police officer than a teacher.

  • T

    Ted SimmonsJan 28, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Hang in there, Dr. Axe. You have many students who respect your hard work.