Office of Students With Disabilities will handicap dinner attendees

Mailyn Abreu

People going to the Grand Palm Room on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 4 p.m. will experience firsthand what it’s like to be blind, deaf or wheelchair-bound.

In honor of Disability Awareness Month, the Office of Student Disabilities (OSD) and the Owls Supporting Diversity Club (OSDC) has been hosting events that give people handicaps.

This Thursday, they’re hosting Diversability Dinner. Able-bodied students will be given blindfolds, earplugs or may be placed in a wheel chair.

“Everyone is going to be assigned a disability at dinner and you have to eat as if you had that disability,” said Anne-Marie Bedard, a legally blind grad student who has attended all of OSD’s Disability Awareness Month events.

The first Disability Awareness Month event was Oct. 6’s Wheels to the Net, a competitive wheelchair basketball game held at Lynn University. FAU had two teams: One from the Rec Center, and the other from the OSDC. The Rec Center team beat Lynn, according to OSD spokeswoman Shelly Devino.

The second event was Goalball on Oct. 11, at the Rec Center. Players were blindfolded and threw a ball with bells in it into the other team’s goal.

To learn more about the OSD and OSDC, visit their web pages.