FAU Runs on Dunkin’

Studying in the library can be a problem when you get hungry and have to leave your prime study spot to find food. After spring break that will no longer be an issue because Dunkin’ Donuts is coming to the library.

The new Dunkin’ Donuts stand will be located on the library’s first floor near the circulation desk, visible immediately upon entering the building.

Although it will not be a full-service Dunkin’, the menu will include the full beverage line of coffee, cold drinks and smoothies, as well as donuts, muffins and other baked goods.  The hours of operations have not yet been determined, although it will hold similar hours to the library and have service peak periods during finals weeks.
“The goal [of] including a Dunkin Donuts [in] the library is to bring value and service to the students,” explains Stacy Volnick, director of Business Services at FAU.
“We have wanted some sort of food venue in the library for quite a while, as a convenience and benefit to our users, who bring food in with them anyway,” explains William Miller, the dean of the FAU libraries.

Both Miller and Volnick agree that a Dunkin’ Donuts in the library will attract more people.
“When a Dunkin’ is in the library, students may choose the library to study based on the fact that it is there. It will also attract people to the library that simply want to go to Dunkin’,” Volnick says. “Most important, students who are studying and want to grab a coffee or a bite to eat will not have to leave the library or their parking spot.”

Freshman Kelsey Chase, a business major, often uses the library during her break and finds the idea of a Dunkin’ Donuts in the library a good one.
“I’ll probably go there and try it out. I love Dunkin’ Donuts!” Chase says.

Many students on campus can be seen walking around with cups of Starbucks coffee in their hands as they rush to class, but not all are big fans of Starbucks coffee.
“I actually prefer Dunkin’ Donuts over Starbucks,” says freshman Kirsha Perez, a chemistry major.

Although there is already a Starbucks and an Einstein’s Bagels located on campus, Stacy Volnick feels that adding a Dunkin’ Donuts will not harm the other food chains, only
enhance them.
“I do not expect any adverse effect. Starbucks serves one market, Einstein serves a breakfast and lunch line and Dunkin’ only enhances our overall program by filling that gap with their products,” Volnick explains.

Although the library will not receive any revenue from the Dunkin’ Donuts commission, 7 percent of the commission received by Business Services will be re-invested back into
the department.
“Additionally, Business Services gives back to students in the form of services, scholarships and the like,” says Volnick.

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