Photo by Andrew Fraieli

How to avoid screwing up while traveling

March 1, 2017

You’re going to screw up when you travel. You’re going to end up without the right currency for the country you are in, no ...

Rome, Italy. Photo by Andrew Fraieli | Opinions Editor

Escape your mid-college-degree crisis

February 22, 2016

Culture shock is addictive, as is traveling. But not addictive as in “I just discovered Adderall during finals week and I’m never taking a test without it now,” more like “I just traveled to a different country and realized that there are other ways of living and it’s amazing.”

FAU student Holly Olsen stands in front of graffiti in San Zaccaria in Venice, Italy during her study abroad trip in summer 2014. Photo courtesy of Holly Olsen.

Don’t Be An Ugly Tourist: some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when you’re a guest in another country

September 20, 2014

  You know how South Floridians feel about Canadian snowbirds in the winter? That’s pretty much how some Europeans feel about day-tripping tourists all year long. The gen...

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Gimme Money! Think you can’t afford to study abroad? We’ll help you rethink that.

September 18, 2014

  Based purely on my lack of funding, study abroad wasn’t something I planned on doing during college. It didn’t seem like anything I’d be able to do in the near future. In 20...