Ken didn't preach at FAU for a little over a month after getting hit by a golf cart, but he came back this Wednesday to continue his work. Photo by Hope Dean

Anti-LGBT preacher returns to Boca campus despite being struck by golf cart

April 10, 2019

Ken said he will not press charges against the driver.

The Jupiter Police Department is still investigating the incident. Photo courtesy of the Jupiter Police Department's Facebook

Jupiter campus sends alert message due to possible burglary

April 5, 2019

Two suspects are currently in custody.

FAU has created digitally rendered images of what they expect the new dorms to look like, with the Jupiter facility pictured above. Photo courtesy of FAU

New dorms to be built on Boca, Jupiter campuses

April 1, 2019

The total project cost is $78.5 million.

FAU's Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is filled with handmade feminist artwork. Photo by Hope Dean

FAU’s women, gender, and sexuality studies isn’t a waste of time for everyone

March 27, 2019

Students and faculty in the program say that they use the knowledge to get a job, understand their life experiences, and look at the world through different perspectives.

Sydney Aiello was 19 when she died. Photo courtesy of Facebook

FAU student who survived Stoneman Douglas shooting dies by suicide

March 27, 2019

Sydney Aiello had survivor’s guilt and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder before her death.

Even though Pre-Health Week is designed for students who want to go into healthcare, students of any major can attend the events. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

FAU hosts week of events for aspiring healthcare professionals

March 18, 2019

Students can attend workshops and panels about multiple healthcare fields during this year’s Pre-Health week.

Jesse Morrell

‘Sin is insanity’: Anti-LGBT and anti-feminist preacher visits Boca campus

March 14, 2019

Jesse Morrell’s latest of many college campus visits was at FAU, where he said a student threw a stone at him.

Ken has been at FAU before. Photo by Sophie Siegel

Anti-LGBT preacher struck by golf cart on Boca campus

February 25, 2019

The identity of the driver and the state of the preacher are unknown.

Takiya Fullwood's family is asking for anyone with information about the shooting to contact the Tampa Bay police. Photo courtesy of Instagram

FAU student shot and killed at party last Sunday

February 19, 2019

The person who killed 18-year-old Takiya Fullwood hasn’t been found yet.

Gopher Tortoises provide shelter and resources for other species at FAU's nature preserve —but they are in danger. Photo courtesy of FAU.

FAU’s threatened gopher tortoise population is disappearing

February 19, 2019

And if they die off, so do several other species.

The Boca House of Representatives met today at 3:30 p.m., and voted to create two new departments to host events for specialized groups. Photo by Hope Dean

Boca House votes to expand events about religion, sexuality, and disability inclusion

January 25, 2019

Two new departments with their own directors and staff could be created to fill the need for these events — but they need to be approved by higher offices first.

Foundation of Individual Rights was formed in 1999. Illustration Candice Puentas

FAU’s protection of constitutional rights improves

January 25, 2019

The Foundation of Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, has FAU listed as mediocre — but the number of policies that make it so have shrunk.