Courtesy of CairoWalters16 Facebook page.

Student Government elections: Michael Cairo wins presidency, official results still pending

February 29, 2016

Left in the dark since Thursday, the candidates from this year's student government spring elections can breathe a sigh of relief.

Gov. Chris Ferreira is running for president as a fill in ticket. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Student Government elections: surprise candidates enter presidential race as a joke

February 24, 2016

With fewer than 36 hours to go, the new ticket hopes their “milkshakes will bring all the voters to the polls.”

Felix Hartmann (right) took to the bar instead of attending a meeting to allocate an $8.6 million budget. Casey Martin (left) chairs that meeting. Photo of Casey Martin by Max Jackson, Staff Photographer. Photo of Felix Hartmann from his LinkedIn page.

High-ranking Student Government member chooses bar over important meeting

January 14, 2016

The University Budget and Appropriations Committee was supposed to meet on Jan. 11 to approve an $8.6 million budget for next year — but that wasn’t able to happen since the group’s chief financial officer was too busy signing off on bar tabs down the street.

Student body president Kathryn Edmunds (left) overstepped her bounds when she fired Carter Lewis (right) on Oct. 8. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer (L)  and Gregory Cox | Managing Editor (R)

Locked Out: Student Government member wrongly removed from his position

October 27, 2015

n a Thursday morning, Carter Lewis walked into the Student Union and headed up the stairs toward his office like any other da...

The founding members of Pi Kappa Phi’s Kappa Delta 
chapter at their chartering event in April. Photo by Max Jackson.

New Greeks on the block

September 27, 2015

Built on the concept of a “Nu Phi,” meaning “non-fraternity,” today’s Pi Kappa Phi brothers continue to embrace this philosophy.

Sunset at Deerfield Beach. Alexis Hayward | Web Editor

FAU lands amongst the best colleges by the sea

September 23, 2015

Coming in at no. five on Best College Review’s list of the 50 Best Colleges by the Sea, Florida Atlantic University is giving a whole new meaning to “making waves.” “Going to a University that isn't by the beach is like going to an 8 am class ... It's just not gonna happen,” said freshman electrical engineering major Max Wellnitz on the Florida Atlantic University Class of 2019 Facebook page.

Bills to support Boca Raton student organizations go missing in the house

Gregory Cox, Managing Editor

June 26, 2015

According to a Boca Raton House of Representatives meeting held June 19, a number of approved bills are missing or have not been processed from the previous semester. The bills, which passed through the house, were intended to improve some aspects of student life, but physical copies with signatures cannot be found, leaving the legislation up in...

Photo by Ryan Murphy | Business Manager

Student Government wants to put Greek housing on lot five

April 27, 2015

The turtles and owls that you can find on the north side of the Boca campus may be getting some new neighbors — they are not going to be the quiet kind. The Boca Raton House of Representatives pas...

(Left to right) Carter Lewis, Michael Cepeda, Chris Ferreira, and Aaron Sherman. Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Student Government is to rework the constitution this summer

April 17, 2015

Student Government is looking to rework their entire constitution and the 12 chapters of statutes that outline how Florida Atlant...

Photo by Ryan Murphy | Business Manager

Greek Housing vs. Nature Preserve: What Will Prevail?

April 8, 2015

Greek life could be getting on campus housing in the near future, but it could be at the expense of FAU’s nature preserve. The...

FAU’s current Chief of Justice holds the honorary gavel and wears the court dress that was donated to FAU. Sabrina Martinez | Creative Director

Bench unveiled in honor of deceased former Student Government chief justice

March 17, 2015

fter a long battle with Crohn’s disease, Jason Blinder passed away on June 15, 2013 at the age of 29, but not without leaving ...

Kathryn Edmunds is the new 2015 student body president, replacing Michael Cepeda. Mohammed F Emran  | Web Editor

Unofficial SG elections results announced

February 26, 2015

After a series of controversies including candidates dropping out, being disqualified and candidates running unopposed, the winners have been unofficially annou...