Unofficial SG elections results announced


Kathryn Edmunds is the new 2015 student body president, replacing Michael Cepeda. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Gregory Cox, Contributing Writer

After a series of controversies including candidates dropping out, being disqualified and candidates running unopposed, the winners have been unofficially announced by the student government elections chair.

Running unopposed, Kathryn Edmunds and Casey Martin are your new president and vice president, respectively. Chris Ferreira is the new Boca Raton campus governor.

“Obviously I’m happy with the results, I won so, there’s nothing to be sad about,” said Ferreira.

Ferreira, who dropped out of the presidential race, pulled in 461 votes. He bested Onur Basman, who fell short with a total of 134 votes. 47 students voted no response.

Martin wanted to see at least 15 percent voter turnout and planned on using his and Edmunds time campaigning to promote and encourage students to vote for this year’s election.

“I was a little disappointed that the president and vice presidential tickets didn’t do so much campaigning,” Ferreira said. “I had a conversation with the candidate for vice president and he… said he was going to try and get 20 percent voter turnout, but once it seemed that they were running unopposed, they didn’t care.”

Only 878 students voted for the presidential candidate, and 642 for the governor candidates. About 2.8 percent of the student body voted for the president and vice president ticket, and about 2.1 percent that voted for the governor ticket.

This is lower than last years turnout by about six percent.

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