Jumorrow Johnson settling in as new victim’s advocate


Photo of Jumorrow Johnson courtesy of FAU Police Department website.

Nate Nkumbu, Contributing Writer

Have you been a victim of a crime and felt traumatized by the experience, but weren’t quite sure where to turn? Florida Atlantic University Police Department recently hired a woman who should be able to help you, and she has prior experience with such a task.

On March 31, the FAU PD announced via its Facebook page that Jumorrow Johnson would be its new victim’s advocate, replacing  Ashley Sturm. Sturm, who did not respond to requests for comment,  was fired  in November. The police department encouraged students to visit the VA for the county they lived in while there was no victim’s advocate on campus.

Johnson comes to the university from the Plantation Police Department where she was also a victim’s advocate since June 2011.

“A victim’s advocate is used to describe a professional who advocates for the rights and interests of victims of crime or abuse,” said Public Policy Director Susan Howley of the National Center for Victims of Crime.

“They typically assist victims in obtaining and exercising their rights. They may often contact creditors or employers to advocate for victims and make referrals to other services,” she said.

A state-certified victim practitioner, she has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Texas College and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Florida Memorial University. Her new job is to assist students, staff and faculty with the trauma that comes with being the victim of a crime.

The difference between working for the city and now working for the university campus is the limited exposure to crime, according to Johnson.

Campus life consists of crime, but limited exposure to all crime types. I’ve only been here a month so I’m sure there will be other differences in the future,” she said.

Johnson said she took her new job was because she saw it as a way to grow professionally and to educate the student population on campus about being safe and making the right decisions.

“I saw an opportunity to grow professionally as well as educate young adults about being safe and making positive and healthy life and relationship choices.”

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