Superhuman Stomachs

The Stevenormous challenge will push the intestinal limits


Photo by Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Patrick Martin, News Editor

This year, Florida Atlantic’s agents can test their limits and stretch their waistlines as they take on a new Homecoming challenge.

The first 20 students to sign up will attempt to devour an eight-pound, four-patty spread stacked with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on a bed of French fries at the end of October, when they compete in the Stevenormous challenge.

One Stevenormoous burger is equal to eight Burger King Whoppers.

“It’s a heart attack on a bun,” Director of Homecoming, Trevor Lewis  said. “We may have them sign a waiver.”

UP05_Book.inddThe event, hosted by the on-campus food service Steve’s Espresso, will be held at the Oasis Lounge on the Davie campus, Oct. 29, at 4 p.m. Competitors will have 30 minutes to gorge on a massive hamburger.

Michael Calhoun, an employee who worked the contest last year, has a few pointers for the willing participants ready to volunteer for the gluttonous feast.

“Go slow. 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s manageable,” he said.

Once competitors have completed the task of inhaling the burger, they have to keep it down for 10 minutes.

A lot goes into the event.

“It was a lot of work: we had to get up early, make all the preparations, arrangements [for] tons of fries, tons of burgers,” Calhoun said.

Five people equals out to 20 patties, he said. So, for 20 people, that’s 80 patties that need to be prepared.

Calhoun also said they had a few people show up last year.

“You’ll see them come in and sign up using different aliases for the competition. It’s fun.”
Especially when the vomiting starts.