First Beatdown at the Burrow MMA event to be held at FAU

Students can get a crash course in MMA fighting on April 12

unnamedBasketball season may be over for the Owls, but that doesn’t mean the FAU Arena is closed. On Sunday, April 12, the foul lines and hoops are getting traded in for a cage.

Xtreme Fighting Nation — a promotional company for amateur mixed martial arts fighters in South Florida is headed to FAU for a new event — Beatdown at the Burrow.

According to the event’s organizer and president of XFN, Daniel Kay, this will be the first time any amateur MMA event has been held in Boca Raton.

“Our events typically have been hosted further south in Fort Lauderdale and Miami,” said Kay. “But I plan to build a fan base in Boca.”

Beatdown at the Burrow will consist of 15 fights throughout the night, featuring both male and female competitors. The fights are matched by weight and experience and will be sanctioned by the International Sport Karate Association and governed by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

Even if MMA events aren’t known for being hosted in Boca, the new location will provide a break on gas for a handful of participants who live in the city including Kay, and some of the fighters like Brent Bush and Trisha Ann.

Bush, a 34-year-old Boca Raton native and former FAU student, majored in exercise science in 2005 before going into the military. After serving as an infantryman in the Army, he returned to FAU and changed his major to business management.

Bush, who started fighting in 2012, goes by the stage name “The Cowman.” “It’s like a cowboy, only a man if you catch that,” joked Bush.

He began fighting as a way to promote cancer awareness research and prevention.  “Win or lose in the octagon, I always get a microphone in my hand to say thanks and … I always promote the American Cancer Society.”

Now, Bush is excited to know he’ll be able to have his voice heard at his former college.

“Having an event like this at my hometown college does mean a lot,” said Bush. “FAU is definitely on the rise.”

Trisha Ann, 27, is a personal trainer and martial arts instructor who fights MMA in her spare time. Originally from New York, Ann has lived in Boca Raton for three years. This will be her first time fighting MMA in Boca.

“It is uncommon to have fights and competitions in Boca,” explained Ann, who’s known in the ring as Trisha Cicero. “I think there is so much talent and interest in the sport for West Palm Beach so I think it will continue to attract various events here.”

Kay agrees, hoping the night will serve as the perfect MMA 101 course for FAU students.

“Most people have heard of the sport and even more people are familiar with the UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship],” said Kay. “But until you experience a live event you don’t really get the full experience. This is a chance for anyone who has been curious of the sport to experience a live event.”

According to Kay, the average attendance rates at XFN events range from 300-500 people, but his goal for Beatdown at the Burrow is 1,000. FAU’s Arena seats 5,000.

FAU students will be able to attend this event for $20, compared to the general public ticket prices which range from about $30-$52.

According to an estimate provided by Media Relations, Beatdown at the Burrow will cost Kay’s production company $4,318 to rent out the arena and necessary amenities (tables, chairs, security), which will go to FAU’s Department of Athletics.

Between fights, South Florida-based DJ Vinsane will provide the evening’s soundtrack and beer wine and concessions will be available.

Beatdown at the Burrow takes place in the FAU Arena on Sunday, April 12. Doors open at 5 p.m., first fight takes place at 5:30 p.m. General admission tickets are available here. FAU student $20 tickets are available by calling 561-299-8059.

Weigh-In takes place at the Burrow Bar and Grill in the Student Union on Saturday, April 11 at 5 p.m. Free to attend.