Saving the Grade

FAU faculty unanimously approved “No Credit” policy to stabilize low GPAs


Tim Murphy

FAU Boca Raton campus Administration Building.

Correction: A previous of this story claimed that the policy mentioned was unanimously approved by the Senate, but there was at least one dissenting member.

A policy that forgives students’ grades in lower-division classes was approved by the faculty senate on Friday, Jan. 23.

“It is designed to try to help students with the flexibility to explore different majors without being punished,” stated faculty senate president Ronald Nyhan after the meeting.

The policy allows students to receive a “No Credit” (NC) in their transcripts if their grade doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. The NC grade is applied a maximum of four times during the students’ academic term at FAU.

The classes eligible for NC grading are those within the Intellectual Foundations Program (IFP) and selected lower-division courses determined by your major and advisor. However, if a student is under academic probation or suspension, the “No Credit” rule does not apply to their transcripts.

When the UP asked about the intentions behind this policy, Nyhan responded in favor of broadening opportunities for undecided students.

“It helps [undeclared majors] have much more opportunities to explore degrees and decide what they wanna do,” Nyhan said. “It’s a win-win for more options and a significant move forward.”

Effective this Spring 2015 semester—with FAU president John Kelly’s approval—it will count for current students enrolled in IFP classes, both in-state and out-of-state transfer students, and incoming freshmen starting in summer and fall 2015.