FAU employees can now enroll their same-sex spouses in benefit coverage

The lift of the same-sex marriage ban in Florida means qualifying same-sex couples now have the opportunity to receive benefits through their employers.


Jaelyn Benson running in the housing lawn with a flag during Pride Fest [Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor]

On Tuesday, FAU and the Florida Department of Management Services announced a 90-day window, from Jan. 6 to March 6, allowing employees in same sex marriages the opportunity to enroll in family benefit coverage through the People First Service Center.

The legal rights and recognition of same-sex marriages within the state of Florida were officially granted Jan. 6 at midnight. A voter-approved amendment banned same-sex marriage and civil unions in 2008. The ban was found unconstitutional in the ruling of Brenner v. Scott last August.

The order to overturn the ban was stayed temporarily until mid-December, when the Supreme court denied any further extension. The ruling is still under appeal.