The South Florida Six-pack

The South Florida craft brew scene continues to grow. Here are a few local brews to look out for this fall and winter.


Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy | Business Editor

While fall for some people means a trip to the pumpkin patch or bonfires with friends and family, here in South Florida, we’re lucky to get an iced pumpkin spiced latte and a “cold front” (any temperature below 79 degrees) that lasts more than three days.

Sometimes it takes a little something extra to mark the occasion. And sometimes, that something extra just happens to be beer. Fall and winter mean heavier, heartier and bolder flavors. Deep roasted hops yield the brown ales, stouts and porters popular for the season.

South Florida’s budding brewery scene is offering up some unique seasonal brews. We chose six to help you get a taste of the holidays like you’ve never had before.  We’re talking some Willy Wonka, dessert-type stuff. Get ready to start some new traditions.

If you feel like pairing these drinks with food or taking them to go, you can find Due South, Saltwater, Funky Buddha and more in much-loved local dives  like the Black Rose Irish Pub, or my favorite hole-in-the-wall gastro pub, the Sybarite Pig, and retail chains like Total Wine.