Don’t Wine

Getting boozy on campus is easier with new drinks added to Living Room Theaters’ bar menu this month.


Max Jackson | Photo Editor

FAU’s Living Room Theaters are a foodie’s perfect secret. What most students don’t realize is you don’t have to catch a movie to access their cafe. It’s located in the Culture and Society Building between Parliament Hall and Glades Park Towers. If you are tired of the cafe and The Burrow is closed, Living Room Theaters will give a gourmet twist to your Wednesday night cravings. The menu items are diverse and include things like paninis ($9-10), chicken shish kabobs ($12) and appetizers such as the hummus platter ($9). It’s also a great place to drink. You can trust me on that because I have worked there for three years.

I’ve been at the theater through it all. I actually spearheaded putting grilled chicken paninis ($9.50) on the menu. They consist of a lemon herb marinade, colby-jack cheddar, Roma tomatoes and basil pesto. We are also open every day out of the year — Every. Day. It’s evening hours only, so when you are out of class and everything in the food court is already closed, look no further than Living Room Theaters.

This month, we have a new list of beer and wine on the menu. I’ve compiled a list of the most affordable.





Next time you are up late studying or meeting with a professor to discuss the latest exam grade, stop by the theater and have a drink, enjoy a movie, or try our addictively good French fries. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to say hello -— I’ll recommend the best movies.