Update on two women car crash

Two women car accident investigation comes to a close as police release their report and name of second victim.


The vehicle looks to have sustained no damage to the front. [ Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor ]

Two women were struck and knocked unconscious by a red Toyota Camry on North University Drive outside of the Rec Center on Thursday Nov. 13 at 6:45 p.m.

The car was driven by Linda Bell with passenger, Staci Bell and their dog.

The victims were Sharon Nanney and Amber Reed, they were taken to Delray Trauma Center for treatment after the accident. They have since been released.

Reed, an FAU student and artist, had pieces of her art in FAU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition, “Exit 26,” that night in the Ritter Art Gallery on campus. It was also required for her to be at this art exhibit with the other artists.

Reed declined to comment on the accident.

There have been no further details given about Sharon Nanney.

There was a small amount of damage to the car’s front bumper that was valued at $100 according to the police report.

The police report also said, “[Linda Bell] of V1 stated that she did not see [Shannon Nannery and Amber Reed] while they were walking southbound in the crosswalk.”

Bell has been cited with careless driving and failure to yield according to the police report.

Whether she will be given further charges is unknown at the time of publication.