Two FAU students hit by car outside of Rec center

Cross-walk safety at FAU in question after evening car accident


The vehicle looks to have sustained no damage to the front. [ Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor ]

Two girls were knocked unconscious after being hit by a car at approximately 6:50 p.m. outside of FAU’s Recreation and Fitness Center, according to a student witness.

Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor
Woman suspected of hitting two students with a car talks to police. [ Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor ]

One of the girls was reported to be student/artist, Amber Reed — the other girl remains unnamed. The offender was a woman who appeared to be in her late fifties and drove a red Toyota Camry. The woman was accompanied by a younger female passenger and her dog, who sat on a median as the offender spoke with the police.

Students crowded the scene as the ambulance and fire truck drove away. The car, which appeared to be undamaged, remained on the scene with two police cruisers and an unmarked police car.

“People don’t pay attention,” said sophomore and criminal justice major, Tony — who preferred not to give his last name — as he referenced the safety of the crosswalks on campus. “I almost got hit by a car just now because [the driver] was looking at the accident.”

Lisa Stephens, a friend of Reed, received a text saying that she is at the Delray Hospital and that “she’s okay.”

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Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor