Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Study Abroad Fair, Tuesday October 14

The Office of International Programs study abroad fair on October 14th is going to be a smorgasbord of tasty travel options. It will take place on the Boca campus Breezeway from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Ryan Murphy

[Ryan Murphy | Business Manager]

The Office of International Programs will have finalized its 2015 Study Abroad programs on September 12 2014.

The more traditionally popular choices — namely Europe — will of course be available. The OIP will also promote some new and developing programs focused on expanding science and industry in other regions.

The fair will  give students an opportunity to ask questions about planning, preparation, and itineraries with faculty.

Faculty Led programs are typically active over the summer, Semester Exchange program dates vary by country and school, and Direct Enroll programs mean that you enroll directly at your host university, rather than through FAU.

Direct Enroll programs are typically the more expensive option for study abroad, although the OIP has a list of Provider Programs that offer discounted rates and packages to partner schools.

Director of OIP Catherine Meschievitz recommends that students meet with their academic advisers before planning their study abroad trip. Especially if you’re a graduating senior.

(((When I studied abroad, my return date conflicted with my graduation date, so I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony. Besides that, my transcripts were not processed in time for me to transfer to FAU the following semester. So I had to postpone my enrollment date.)))

Here are some of the programs the OIP has to offer, check back for updated program dates and info.

Semester Exchange Programs

Summer, Faculty Led Programs

The Office of International Programs also offers students the service of  putting together inquiry packages. Students can  come in with an idea of the country they’d like to visit , the time of year they’d like to go, and what their academic requirements are. OIP faculty will help you put together a study abroad plan to suit your needs, and give you an information packet to look over. Once you make your decisions, the OIP can help you put that plan into action.

The OIP will be hosting a series of study abroad info sessions in anticipation of their 2015 programs. The sessions cover all the basics like, destinations, program dates, curriculum options, financial aid and planning.

Study Abroad Info Sessions:

Thursday September 18

Wednesday October 22

Wednesday November 5

Wednesday November 19

These sessions will take place from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in GS 209C.