You’re Paying For FAU’s Clinic, So Use It

Got a nasty cough?  A chilling cold? Or maybe something is surfacing on your body that just does not look right? Have no fear, the Student Health Services Clinic is here.

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The clinic, located on the second floor of the Breezeway just above Starbucks, offers discounted rates and services for all FAU students who are feeling under the weather.

“Coming here to the clinic is like coming to a family doctor,” said Student Health Services Director Cathie Wallace.

Every student enrolled at FAU has to pay a health services fee. That fee goes to funding all the different services the clinic offers to students.

Despite this, according to Wallace, only about 25% of the student body uses the clinic.

So, don’t let your money go to waste; here are the five clinics FAU offers:


1.) Dental (Boca Campus Only)

Do you have a throbbing tooth ache? Maybe it is time for a cleaning? The clinic offers affordable dentistry work for FAU students who are interested in preserving their pearly whites.

“We have a licensed Florida dentist, dental hygienist, and a dental assistant,” said Wallace.

The clinic offers an assortment of dental services that includes cleanings, fillings, bondings and  x-rays all for less than $175 each.

However, if your teeth are in need of some extra TLC,  the clinic will refer you to seek further treatment elsewhere.

“We refer you out if you have anything major like a root canal, wisdom teeth removed or crowns,” said Wallace. “We do just the basic dental services.”The clinic does a Quality Improvement Study every year to survey the kind of services FAU students want that aren’t already offered. The clinic now offers teeth whitening for $250 after the 2013 survey concluded that student wanted discounted teeth whitening on campus.

“It [the clinic] saves me time and money,” said freshman criminal justice psych major Ricardo Torres.


2.) General Medical

No insurance, no problem. You don’t need it to receive the discounted prices the clinic offers; some of which are free.

“Students can be seen at no charge for a general medical office visit by our board certified physicians,”said Wallace.

The general medical clinic can treat illnesses like strep throat, common colds, and the flu.

“I didn’t realize how affordable and convenient the clinic was. Next time I’m sick I’ll be visiting,” said freshman political science major Ashley Ashbaugh.”


3.) Women’s Health Services

Ladies, this one’s for you. The Student Health Services Clinic offers an assortment of services that are exclusively for female students.

“We do a lot of contraceptive management. We do have a part-time gynecologist on board – a general practice clinician,” said Wallace. “Also, the gynecologist does some special exams for women based on either their abnormal pap smear or anything else irregular.”

The latest thing offered by the women’s clinic are intrauterine devices – or IUDs. The t-shaped device is used as an alternative to birth control pills.

“We just started doing that this semester,” said Wallace adding, “I hope as many students utilize that service as possible.”


4.) Pharmacy (Boca Campus Only)

“It’s like a mini CVS,” said Wallace describing the FAU Boca Raton Pharmacy.

Getting your prescriptions filled can be an expensive task. However, at the licensed pharmacy where anyone – student or not – can get their prescriptions filled, the department of student health services strive to keep costs as low as possible.

“We offer discounts to students for prescriptions who do not have insurance and we try to keep those rates low,” said Wallace.

In addition to offering discounted pricing, If the pharmacy knows of a different place to get the same prescriptions filled at a cheaper price (i.e. CVS, Walgreens, Publix, etc.) they will let you know.

“If we know the student has a prescription for something they can get for free at Walmart we will then refer them out,” said Wallace. “A lot of students use our pharmacy because it is convenient.”


5.) Chronic Care

Living with a chronic illness can be difficult, but the FAU clinic makes things easier.

According to Wallace, students with diabetes, asthma or any other condition that affects a student’s everyday life can seek assistance on campus.

“We also offer Electrocardiograms for anyone who may have chest pains, suturing wart removing and we treat anyone with skin problems,” said Wallace.

You’re already being charged for these services anyway, so next time you’re feeling sick, check out the on-campus clinic and see what they can do.

“I would recommend anyone who is on campus to go to the clinic,” said Torres. “There is a lot they can do to help you when you’re feeling sick or need something checked out.”

To make an appointment with any of these clinics visit their website, call or visit in person.