FAU officer under harassment investigation

Monica Ruiz

An FAU police employee filed a complaint against Larry Ervin for allegedly fondling and sexually harassing her, according to the South Florida Times.

The complaint, filed on Dec. 15, 2011 said Ervin “Put his hand down my shirt and touched my bare breast while saying, ‘Those are nice.’ He then grabbed my hand and put it on his erection while stating that he thinks of me while he masturbates.”

The name of the victim was not published.

During the time when the complaint was filed, Ervin was a sergeant, but now has a higher position as lieutenant. According to reports, the investigation ended last month, and Ervin has denied the allegations.

“It’s over. It lasted one day and it was unfounded,” Ervin told the South Florida Times. “I can’t discuss it or say anything. You will have to call the university but it was all a big mistake.”

According to the complaint, the woman was afraid she and her husband, who is an FAU officer, could lose their job after making the complaint.

The UP will continue to update this story.