What happened in the 4th Avenue shooting

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What happened in the 4th Avenue shooting

Char Pratt

Char Pratt

Char Pratt

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Thomas Fenech's apartment at 399 NW 19th St. Photo by Charles Pratt.

On Nov. 1, Thomas Fenech, of Boca Raton, was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted second-degree murder with a firearm and shooting into an occupied vehicle  in a shooting that happened a block from FAU two days earlier.

Two FAU students — Jared Tuck and Anthony Proios — were charged as accessories to the crime.

Here’s a play-by-play of the incident according to Boca police and eyewitnesses:

According to police reports, it all started when Andrew Hernandez, Tyler Doyle, Ron Bees, Tyler Baldwell, John Addison, and a minor made $1,250 in counterfeit money. When they had their fake cash, the report said they contacted a drug dealer to buy a quarter-pound (four ounces) of marijuana. None were FAU students.

According to police, they split up into two cars, and arrived at 399 NW 19th St. — an apartment building about a quarter-mile east of FAU.

The victims — Hernandez, Doyle and Addison — were allegedly in Doyle’s black Mustang.

When Hernandez got a text telling him the dealer had arrived, he allegedly stepped out of his Mustang, met with four white men. The five walked up to apartment A4 around 8 p.m., according to the report

FAU student Alexander Moreno — who told police he had brokered the deal — said Hernandez gave him the fake money in exchange for the pot, then left.

According to police, Hernandez made his way to the mustang, saying “Go! Go! Go!”

Moreno said that, he gave the money to FAU student Anthony Proios, who allegedly examined it before giving it to Thomas Fenech.

According to Moreno’s statement, all three realized the money was fake. He said Fenech took Proios’s AK-47, ran out of the apartment, and opened fire on Doyle’s Mustang as it drove away. Proios also told police the shooter was Fenech. A third FAU student in the apartment, Jared Tuck, told police he saw Fenech grab the rifle and run outside, but didn’t see him fire.

Fenech allegedly denied firing the rifle. He told police he was cooking dinner with Tuck, heard what he thought were gunshots outside, went outside, and saw a blue Mustang drive away. He said he hadn’t seen the car before, and didn’t know anyone in it. He denied knowing anything about the rifle or the rifle box police found in his apartment. Police allegedly found 21 bullets on the ground around the apartment.

Doyle fled the parking lot in his Mustang, Hernandez and John Addison in tow, and headed west to NW 4th Ave. Moreno told police that Hernandez called him to say he was shot. Hernandez was shot in the face,  John Addison was shot in the back, and Doyle was allegedly injured on his hand, but not shot.

Fenech, Tuck, and Proios spent the night in Tuck's dorm room in Indian River Towers, pictured here. Photo by Charles Pratt.

Moreno said he left for his dorm room in Indian River Towers after the incident.

Tuck told police that after the shooting, he took the rifle and stashed it in the trunk of Proios’ Honda. Tuck allegedly went back to his IRT dorm room with Fenech and Proios. According to the report, Fenech and Proios spent the night with in Tuck’s dorm room.

The next day, according to Tuck’s statement, Moreno read online that two people had been shot. At that point, all three men allegedly decided to get rid of the gun. Tuck said they went north on I-95 to Beeline highway, disassembled the gun, and threw it into a “wooded/marsh area.”

Fenech was charged with three counts of attempted second degree murder with a firearm and shooting an occupied vehicle. Proios and Tuck were charged with accessories after the fact and tampering with evidence.

Andrew Hernandez and John Addison are in Delray Medical’s intensive care unit, WPTV reported. Thomas Doyle was released from the hospital on Oct. 31.