And the Crowd Goes Wild



What do you get when you mix sex, drugs and booze stories in a college auditorium? An entire audience of FAU students in fits of laughter, which is what a trio of shock value comics had in mind during FAU’s comedy show last Tuesday night in the Student Union on the Boca Raton campus.

No taboo topic went unnoticed by host Streeter Seidell and Comedy Central comedian, Deon Cole, while no heckler was left unscathed by the quick-witted Anthony Jeselnik.

Seidell did well prepping the audience with his legalize weed jokes and how our weather is equivalent to “…the devil farting on your face”, but it was Cole who really had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand with his censor-free set. Sex joke after sex joke, drinking joke after drinking joke and stereotypical-based stories had everyone doubling over with laughter. It appeared that Cole was a crowd favorite.

“Deon, the second one, was great,” said Junior, Political Science major Addie Walker. “I liked him a lot.”

Jeselnik may have been the last to perform, but the crowd’s mixed reaction didn’t make him the best. Like the previous comedians, Jeselnik got his laughs from off the wall punch lines, but this time, no one was doubling over – until the hecklers came in. What started off as a few guys mouthing off, quickly turned into a giant burn session that had the whole audience laughing.

“I thought [Jeselnik] did OK,” says Senior, Criminal Justice major, Keisha Miller. “But he killed those hecklers. That was good.”

Some people took Jeselnik’s jokes as boring, while others took it as dry humor, but what everyone agreed on was what a good show FAU’s Program Board put on.

“The comedy show was a great way to start the semester,” says Senior Sele Gordon, a Marketing and Management major. “The Program Board did a great job.”

Student body president Ayden Maher added, “The Program Board did a good a job. It was a real good turnout for it just being the second day of class.”