The OWLympics

The OWLympics was held on FAU’s Davie campus and tested contestants on their sit-ups, push-ups, wall squats, pull-ups, jump rope, a five-kilometer run, 30 minutes of cycling and a hula-hoop competition. It took place in the Wellness Center’s gym from July 13 through 20. According to Kyle Johnson, coordinator for the Wellness Center, the gym has been around for 10 years and is designed to “drive people toward fitness.”

OWLympics was founded last year by graduate assistant Brian Klepacki, and this year it was under the watch of intern Jeannine Colucci. Students had the choice to compete in all eight trials of the competition, or just participate in one. Each contestant was given two opportunities to complete the trials. Some of the trials were timed, while others were repetitions. For the running trial, the judges tested how fast each participant could run five kilometers. Females were given an advantage in some of the trials, such as by allowing modified push-ups and judging on hang time if they could not do a pull-up.

On the first day of the competition, three people came to practice, but participation increased later in the week. An award ceremony will be held on July 30, where the top three male and female contenders for each event will be given awards.