Dat Phan Left the Room Crying

Dat Phan, the first winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” turned the Live Oak Pavilion on the Boca campus into an improv this past Tuesday.

The comedian, donned in fire red pants, a simple white shirt, and blue headband wrapped around his spiky hair, entertained students as well as a few senior citizens during his stand up comedy routine in on Jan. 6.

Phan, who was originally born in South Vietnam, had the crowd rolling with his jokes about Asian culture, sex and senior citizens.
“Ladies, I think I speak for all men when I say that all we want is pussy and buffalo wings,” Phan proclaimed. He then backed off that statement with, “Okay maybe I’m the only one who wants the wings, but what all men really want is pussy.”

During this joke, Phan drew his biggest laughs of the night as a herd of senior citizens, who were leaving from a show in the Barry Kaye Auditorium, looked on in shock as they passed by, listening to a spiky-haired Asian rave about his desire for sex and Buffalo wings.

Phan took advantage of this opportunity in his routine, pretending to be the older citizens.
“Honey, what kind of crazy class is this,” he joked. “I don’t know if I want my kids to go to this school anymore.”
“The best part of the show was when he was talking about pussy and wings as the old people walked by,” says Taylor Miller, a freshman majoring in electrical engineering.

While Phan received a mostly positive view from the audience, his opening act, Chris Millhouse, didn’t fare too well with the tough crowd. Millhouse, a 27-year-old comic from Los Angeles, drew some laughs early on when he pointed out that he looked like the guy from the Verizon Wireless commercials. But, the more he progressed in his profanity-filled routine about his “alcoholic adventures” and nightlife experiences, the more the crowd became annoyed.
“He definitely did look like the Verizon guy,” agrees Mike Baskovich, a freshman in the business program. “But if I had to give him a rating, it would be a two out of 10.”

Halfway through his routine, members of the audience could be heard “booing” the comedian and demanding that he “get off the stage.”
“The opening act sucked,” says sophomore Linda Charles, who majors in both sociology and criminology.

The comedy show, which was free for all FAU students, was presented by the Program Board and did not fail to draw out some knee-slappers here and there.

The show was the first university sanctioned event for the spring 2009 semester and left most students leaving with their funny bones satisfied.
“It was good show – any show the Board does is good,” says Charles.