A few episodes in and “Wipeout” still isn’t cancelled, thanks to the ample amount of Americans willing to humiliate themselves and risk their health to win some cash – what a country.

One of the latest game show concoctions brought to us by ABC, “Wipeout” centers on the idea that contestants of all ages and shapes can run obstacle courses designed to inflict pain and humility. It’s impossible not to laugh at some of the people when they get punched in the face or belly-flop into a big pile of mud – that’s why this show is so much better than any other new game show out right now.

Although the show seems to be all about getting laughs at the expense at the contestants, the last 20 minutes of the show can be pretty intense. After the “qualifier” round weeds out some of the contestants, the next two rounds get even more intense as more and more contestants are eliminated. Expect to be biting your nails furiously as you watch the four best and most physically fit of the contestants run one final course in the hopes of winning $50,000.

The show is still in its honeymoon phase, but the slight changes they make to the obstacle courses from show to show might not be enough to hold our attention. How many times can you see someone get bounced around on the same enormous red ball before it starts to get boring? I guess that depends on how sick you are in the head.

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