Snapshots-The Boca Raton Army Air Field In Depth

Ladders to Climb, Countries to Bomb Mechanics replace the propeller on a B-17 “Flying Fortress,” a bomber that used radar to pinpoint German industrial targets during World War II.

Extra, Extra! The official base newspaper of the Boca Raton Army Air Field, The Transmitter, printed its first edition in July 1942. You can guess they probably never mentioned a word about radar testing.

Mean Enough to Rip Your Head Off The pilot of this B-24 “Liberator” gave his bomber one serious nose job. The B-24s were the most oft-built aircraft during WWII, using radar equipment to neutralize naval targets in the Pacific Ocean.

“Mystery meat again?” Famished cadets from the Army Air Corps Technical School of Radar file into the mess hall for that evening’s bowl of multicolored glop.