L.A. is a big town, but not big enough for “The Hills” reality TV stars to walk around.

This week on The Hills, Lauren follows Whitney into her new job at People’s Revolution and leaves behind the days of “Teen Vogue.” She also decides to have a girls’ night out with her roommate Audrina and her soon-to-be roommate Lo.

On the other side of town, however, Heidi is also planning a girls’ night out after last week’s fallout with Spencer, making an appearance (naturally) at the same club where Lauren and her posse of friends are.

Things get heated as the night slowly descended into disaster for Lauren, when not only her biggest enemy and fellow blonde cast member Heidi sits at her table, but Justin Bobby – Audrina’s dirty-boy-gone-clean ex-boyfriend from last season. Oh, snap.

Audrina is starting to befriend Heidi, and old grudges and fights are starting to vanish in time for everyone – except for Lauren, of course, who still apparently hates Heidi more than ever.

When’s she going to get over her fight with Heidi?

The Hills airs on MTV