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It’s not about March – It’s About Women and Their Month

It began as special day, then it turned into a week and now we have a whole month to women: Women’s History Month. In honor of the month-long celebration, FAU along with the Women’s Studies Center have put together an entire series of events pertaining to women’s history and their influence in our world today.

Associate professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology, Josephine Beoku-Betts explains that Women’s History Month is a special one because it “commemorates the history of women throughout the years and ages.”

“It’s the time of the year when we focus on events relating to women’s history and other aspects of women’s life in the United States and internationally,” explained Beoku-Betts. “It’s also a way of raising awareness on issues pertaining to women and women’s history in our society.”

The several workshops and presentations that have been going on throughout the month of March have been an exact representation of Beoku-Betts. They have ranged from exhibitions and inspiring speakers, to discussions of controversial films and feminism in today’s society.

Some of the workshops and presentations even featured influential speakers such as Cherokee intellectual and anti-violence activist Andrea Smith who spoke about modern feminism today and the difficulties that women of color still endure.

Michelle Hetherington, a sophomore, business major present at Smith’s speech felt inspired and moved by the words of Smith, encouraging her to do more research about her work and get involved.

“It’s not often that speakers move you the way Smith did,” said Hetherington. “She touched a lot of subjects that the media today doesn’t cover anymore such as violence against women of color and the hardships that Native American women still have to go through today – she was truly touching.”

According to Beoku-Betts, the series of events throughout the month of March couldn’t have been possible without the help of various departments who participated in the month long affair.

More than five departments and clubs from FAU got involved in the experience, ranging from the Women’s Studies Center, who were behind the idea of the creation of the events, to the college of Education, who put together a three-day presentation on “Living and Learning Together” featuring a speaker from the United Nations.

“There were several events that were going on during the week and we just decided to link them all together,” said Marta Cruz Janzen, co-chair of the College of Education Distinguished Scholars. “We are a very diverse nation and in the presentation of [Living and Learning Together] we have basically managed to have representation from every other nation in the world.”

The Women’s History Month events will be going on throughout the first week of April and if you still haven’t attended any of the events yet, then make sure to go to the last three events of this month – who knows, you might learn something.

“We really want people to be there, present at the events,” said Janzen. “What someone else has to offer is going to make you a better person and vice versa.”

Women’s History Month Events:

The Nazi ConscienceWhen: Thursday, March 27 at 3:30 p.m. Where: Boca campus Wimberly Library What: “The Nazi Conscience,” with Dr. Claudia Koonz, Duke University More information: Patricia Kollander at [email protected]

Women Author’s Panel When: Monday, March 31, 4 – 5:15 p.m. Where: General Classroom South, Room 119What: Third Annual Women Author’s Panel Ph.D. Colloquium Series More information: Marsha S. Rose at [email protected] or Susan Love Brown at [email protected]

Living and Learning TogetherWhen: Wednesday, April 2, 5:30 – 8 p.m. Where: College of EducationWhat: “Living and Learning Together: The United Nations, Children’s Rights, and Education,” with Gillian Martin Sorenson, United Nations Foundation. (Reception, presentation, and discussion) More information:Marta Cruz Janzen at [email protected]

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