From the developers of such gems as the Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars franchises comes The Club, a shoot-em-up that takes a cue or three from the aforementioned titles and places heavy emphasis on scoring.

On the surface, The Club features a gritty, realistic, modern-day environment, so you’d be remiss for thinking it resembles Gears of War or any other third-person shooters on the market today. It’s simply not the case – The Club instead embraces high-scoring and fast paced insanity – some of which is a throwback to the original Quake.

Under a strict time limit, players must accomplish tasks like earning “headshots,” reaching the level’s end and simply staying alive – all while racking up points through style bonuses, multipliers and anything else. Let’s summarize: shoot, pick up health, earn headshots, reload, repeat. This game lives for online leaderboards, and nothing else.

Of course, multiplayer plays a big part in this game, too, so if you’re willing, there’s a deathmatching mode for up to eight players.

Of course, that means The Club is best played with friends, for no better reason than to compare scores. It’s a positively old-school experience, and it’s worth checking out when it hits shelves next week.

$60 / PS3/Xbox 360 / Out Feb. 19