Never Judge a Book, or a Class, by its Cover

POETRY – Never Judge a Book, or a Class, by its Cover

Two classes left to graduation, as long as I can pass this one.Saying to myself, this will be easy; this class is just for fun.Well that’s how I felt when it first begun.Now don’t get me wrong, it was never a true nightmare… I can remember deciding which classes I should take, while registering online at the FAU computer lab.Squinting at the black and white computer screen for available open classes, I stumbled across JOU 4311… hmm, freelance and freelance writing.This should be easy I thought to myself as I added the class and completed twelve-hour schedule.My classes were complete: family and society, sociological analysis, theory of sociology, and freelance and feature writing.Hey, this semester should be easy.The class started off with the usual routine.The professor walked into the class, African American, middle aged female, average height and weight.She was professionally dressed with her shoulder length black and hint of gray hair pulled back neatly.She smiled and introduced her self and went straight to the point.Letting us know up front that this was not the class to play with.But, still I thought, I like to write, this class will be easy.

Well it’s now down to the last week of finals and I have to admit that this class has had me worried.No, I have not gone through the normal sleepless nights or overload on caffeine,But, I can say I’ve had writers block, cramping fingers and headaches.This “easy” class has truly been an experience that if I could, I am not so sure if I would redo it or not.

So as you decide your classes from next semester, keep in mind the next time you start an “easy” class – think twice, it may not be as as you think.On the other hand maybe it wasn’t so bad, gave me a run for my money and an adrenaline rush that I will never forget.But hey, now that this mandatory, pass or fail article that you are reading is published, I can say with much relief, I am two classes away from graduation day.