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BEST CD TO LISTEN TOBritney Spears – Blackout (Jive)By Anthony A. Choman Muse-Sick Writer

Just when you thought it was safe to brave the forever flowing waters of pop-music… she did it again, sans the “Oops!” America’s favorite pop-tart, Britney Spears, has just released her first full-length studio album in four years and is more than aptly entitled, Blackout.

Fortunately for global pop fans Ms. Spears’ latest album is anything but a lights out, drum-machine filled, pants-off-dance-off.

Moreover, the album is filled with blatant talent. Yes, that’s right. What’s normally a six-lettered dirty word when discussing Ms. Spears’ “body” of work is actually found in abundance on this album? Despite the album’s relying, albeit heavily, on some help from the likes of Pharrell Williams, T-Pain, and Farid “Fredwreck” Nassar, Blackout proves to be a standout amongst Ms. Spears’ discography.

Blackout’s first single, “Gimme More,” has been the pop-filling’s highest charting single since her 1998 debut “…Baby One More Time” as well as recently being the beneficiary of some equally poignant press for its performance at the now infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance in September.

However, despite all of the familial train wreckage wrought throughout her life Ms. Spears has managed to get back on track, vocally and artistically speaking. Blackout is not a one-hit-wonder, and with tracks like “Radar,” the sexed-out “Get Naked (I Got A Plan),” and the autobiographical “Freakshow,” this album offers listeners far more treats than tricks.

In short, “Blackout” is not a down and out, strung-out disaster, much like its creator; however, it’s filled with plenty o’ Lolita-like grooves and breathy boastings. Blackout is the lone beacon of talent that beckons The Good Ship of Britney-Pop closer to the shores of a once known, long-since bereft, land of sex appeal, promise, and pop.

BEST TELEVISION SHOW TO CATCH UP ONBy Amanda Leth and Meagan Perle With Halloween and the end of midterms nobody has time to watch all of the TV theWish they could during the week. Thank god for ABC and NBC online and TEVO. But which shows to chose from? Don’t worry we’ve watched TV so you don’t have to. The following are our recommendations of which shows to go back and watch.

Desperate House Wives: If you were too busy gossiping about your friends Sunday, you missed a kick-ass Desperate Housewives . The episode didn’t stray from its famous comedic yet symbolic take on life. A great food-for-thought quote to remember is when the new neighbors in town compare Hitler to the Home Owner’s Association. But forget the make-you-think-about-life-lessons, what about sex? Gabby gets into a compromising situation with ex-fling, 16-year-old lawn boy, John Roland when she runs into him at a hotel with Carlos, who she’s having an affair with. I predict, or at least really hope, Gabby finds a way to juggle John, Carlos and Victor. (OO Yea!) Predictions: John Roland and Gabby have to get back together, why else would they keep brining him around. After Carlos breaks it off with Edie, she hooks up with John Roland.

Pushing Daisies One of the top new shows the fall season is Pushing Daises and with good reason, it’s colorful and slightly morbid at the same time. This Halloween episode was perhaps the most sad and dramatic episodes yet. Finally this episode we learn a bit about that nosy, really hott, mentally unstable Olive. Turns out she has a murderous past as a horse jockey. This show just keeps getting stranger and always keeps you wondering. I wouldn’t take a chance at missing a single episode of this show until at least mid season. Predictions: The pie-maker has to choose either Olive or Chuck eventually, and since he can’t touch Chuck…maybe the Olive has a shot, but if this happened I think I’d stop watching. Either way someone better hook up soon.

I Love New York 2Whoa! Last Tuesday’s episode of I Love New York 2 was a total fight-fest and definitely worth tuning in to if you weren’t one of the lucky ones who caught it the first time around. First, Buddha is kicked out of the house after he head butts Tailor Made, the self-declared house snitch. After a challenge at the Muy Thai Gym New York goes on a date with 20 Pack and Mr. Wise. After the date, 20 Pack called a house meeting to call Tailor Made out on all of his tattle tailing. At the meeting Tailor Made instigated Mr. Wise causing an altercation between the men. The fight ended with Tailor Made spitting in Mr. Wise’s face. For those avid New York fans, if you recall Pumpkin spit in New York’s face during Flavor of Love. New York is left disgusted with Tailor Made’s act of violence, but in the end she chose to let Tailor Made stay in the house and sent 20 Pack packin. Predictions: Next week’s episode is sure to be entertaining when New York invites her spiritual advisor into the house to read her men’s energy.

BEST VIDEO GAME TO BUY Ace Combat 6By Daniel Alexander Nigro Ace Combat 6, the latest game in the long-running Namco franchise, is the best way to kill an afternoon. I wouldn’t write up something about a game unless I really liked it, and Ace Combat 6 is no exception. In case you missed my preview, Ace Combat 6 is a jet fighter action game, but it isn’t a simulator. The planes can sustain very high-G turns, can sustain massive damage, and can hold hundreds of missiles. However, there is some realism in the game in the form of several real-life aircraft to pilot and realistic AI for both friendliest and hostiles. Don’t let the lack of realism turn you off though: the game is very fun to play. The dog fighting is very well done, and engaging in combat with hostiles can really give off an adrenaline rush. Furthermore, you can call friendliest in to attack or provide cover when things get hectic- and they will. Air-to-ground engagements are well done, as well. You won’t run out of things to shoot at anytime soon. Online play is also well thought out- up to 16 players can engage in free-for-all dog fighting, team dog fighting, or participate in co-op missions. Play can get intense online, even more so than in single player, as sessions can quickly become a game of cat and mouse, who will blink first. It’s very entertaining, especially the feeling you get when you down an enemy. Overall, Ace Combat 6 is recommended if you’re looking for flight action that isn’t realistic, but fun. Ace Combat 6/$60 /Xbox 360 /Out now