Best Bets for June 8

Marilyn Manson – Eat Me, Drink Me (Nothing)By Anthony A. Choman ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

The last time we heard from Marilyn Manson he was busy painting, opening art galleries and channeling Depeche Mode. Despite obvious referencing of phantasmagoria-lit Mr. Manson’s latest offering proves to be his freshest and most unique album to date. The first single off of the album is “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)” – supposedly inspired by his current courting of indie, Hollywood-nymphette, Evan Rachel Wood. The song is overtly catchy with its intoxicating hook.

Perhaps even more important than Manson’s inspiration for this album is the initial manner in which it strikes the listener…shocking. Shocking, in terms of its sensibility – pop sensibility that is, which is most welcome, as apposed to the typical cheap thrills and no frills we’ve expected Manson to dole out based on past recordings. Mr. Manson has not gone soft, the lugubrious nature that has defined his career is all here, but it’s a vastly different and more hook-driven form of industrial-rock than goths are used to. Other standout tracks on Eat Me, Drink Me include: “Putting Holes in Happiness,” “If I Was Your Vampire,” and “You And Me And The Devil Makes 3.”

Download it our throw on some black lipstick and pick up a copy from your local, neighborhood-friendly gothic store, Eat Me, Drink Me will be one of this summer’s hottest releases.

Marilyn Manson – “Heart-Shaped Glasses”

Maroon 5 Sells Out at Small Miami ClubAfter five-year wait for new album


After the long-awaited release of Maroon 5’s new album, “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” the quintet will be performing one show at Studio A in Miami this Saturday night (June 9). After our little venue, they play a few dates in New York City that seems to be the extent of the entire “tour.” It appears there will be no major US tours for a while. Fans will just have to get their fill of the group in the next two months before they leave on a European Tour.

Maroon 5 has won two Grammy’s and had numerous hits on the Billboard charts, including “Harder to Breathe,” “This Love” and their new single, “Makes Me Wonder.”

I tried everything to score some tickets to this show weeks in advance. I checked the web site and even called the venue, but it’s totally sold out.

I did, however, find some tickets on the good ole site called eBay. If you’re a big fan or just want something to do this weekend, head over to and make a bid.

If eBay lets you down, Maroon 5 will be back mid July to play at Dolphin Stadium. Tickets for this show will be more expensive then Studio A, but you get to see the Police too.

Maroon 5’s old chart topping single “She Will Be Loved”

Maroon 5’s new video “Makes Me Wonder”

Knocked Outta the ParkNew Apatow comedy is pregnant with belly laughterBy Phillip Valys DEPUTY MANAGING EDITOR

Knocked Up is the perfect example why director Judd Apatow knows comedy.

In between all the brutally honest dialogue, unread baby books, heart-to-heart conversations with a club bouncer, watching Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” in Las Vegas on ‘shrooms and a roommate sporting a Moses-length beard lies Apatow’s deft skill at juggling equal parts raunch and opposites-attract romantic comedy. He did this in 40-Year-Old Virgin; he does it here as well.

This time ’round, we see the most polarized matchmaking ever. Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an E! television employee, celebrates her promotion to on-air correspondent by downing a few beers at the local watering hole. Scott then meets Ben Stone (Seth Rogen), a well-intentioned but bong-hitting sloth. They hook up and she gets, well, Knocked Up. She doesn’t know that Ben can’t even juggle the pressures of launching a Mr. Skin-esque celebrity nudity website with his roommates, much less handle a bouncing baby boy.

Rogen’s gravelly baritone voice and couch potato build is the epitome of stoner-slacker heaven, and Apatow sells Ben’s unlikely minglings with twenty-something hottie Alison with expert gusto. Apatow’s unimposing direction, superb screenwriting and expletive-laden dialogue amount to much belly laughter and this is what makes the film memorable.Knocked Up Trailer