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The White Stripes – Icky Thump (Warner)by Anthony A. Choman STAFF WRITER

Ever hear something go thump in the night? What about feeling something so sticky it made you feel icky? Well if you have, don’t worry about it – it was probably just Icky Thump, the latest and greatest album from The White Stripes. Despite the fact that while the ink was still drying on their newly signed contract to Warner Brothers the White Stripes burrowed them selves inside a studio and emerged with their finest crafted album yet.

Meg and Jack White go together well. In fact, they go together just as well if not better than the red and white that adorns their aura. However, unlike the stripes adorning peppermints and candy canes, The White Stripes are doubly special, having released one album every two years since 2001’s White Blood Cells.

Jack White is frighteningly surreal as he shreds each fret with frenetic precision and Meg’s bombastic bass-drum will jumpstart your heart and make it go icky-thump, icky-thump. Both the album and first single of same name are visceral. Icky Thump will strike your very core harder and with more resonance than Meg White’s drums.

To call this album scary-good would be a gross misunderstanding…it’s better than that!

Tracks To Thump and Feel Icky To:”Icky Thump” – unquestionably…the best song of the summer and possible Grammy winner”Little Cream Soda” – a wickedly delicious ditty featuring epic riffs”Effect and Cause” – barebones and gritty, classic White Stripes”Conquest” – modern take of Patti Page’s classic”300 M.PH.Torrential Outpour Blues” – Meg & Jack channeling Led Zeppelin

The White Stripes “Icky Thump” Music Video

Crack Out the Garlic ClovesRussian Day Watch sequel has fangs

by Phillip Valys STAFF WRITER

Director Timur Bekmambetov’s succulent sequel to the Russian vampire blockbuster Night Watch, much like Joon-ho Bong’s The Host before it, lends much to an overall renaissance in foreign action film.

It’s an Underworld plot sandwiched between some hefty Matrix-esque camera work (courtesy of crafty cinematographer Sergei Trofimov), proving once again that beefier sequels drowning in special effects, do not make a superior movie. Well, in America, at least. But this ain’t no Hollywood copycat.

Although the overseas import Day Watch seems luxuriantly smothered in CGI, this Ruskie bad boy was thrown together for a meager $4 million; or, roughly the cost of Tobey Maguire’s pedicure from Spiderman 3. Nevertheless, as subtitles innovatively splatter across the screen like blood vessels, viewers are charged with juggling about three-dozen plot points at once.

Here’s the most important one: in this gritty portrait of an impending apocalypse, the Night Watch, led by Anton (Konstantin Khabensky) clash fangs (and medieval swords) with the evil Day Watch in post-Communist Russia.

One can’t help but remain glued to Bejmambetov’s pleasurable frolicking-once all demolition is wrought, the pricey downtown high-rises look like derelict third-world Soviet blocs. How else to obliterate the most populous Russian city than to send a Ferris Wheel barreling through the metropolis? It’s got all the fixin’s for an excellent Godzillian parody.

Day Watch plays all week at Regal Delray Beach 18 (1660 S. Federal Hwy, Delray Beach), AMC Sunset Place 24 (5701 Sunset Drive, Ste. 300, South Miami) and Cobb Jupiter 18 Cinemas (201 N. US 1, Jupiter).

Day Watch Trailer