SG Chooses New Man to Lead Owl Radio

Student Government leaders demanded that Owl Radio, FAU’s student-run radio station, hand in their keys last week because they had no station manager, even though it’s SG’s responsibility to appoint one.

FAU President Frank Brogan responded with a letter that threatened to shut SG down. And said that this action was the “last straw” in a series of mishaps by SG leaders over the past few months.

One week later SG leaders responded by appointing Owl Radio staff member Davis Rodriguez as the new station manager.

“I’m very excited,” Rodriguez said. “I’m happy that we’re finally moving forward.”

Todd Ericson, chief of staff for Student Body President Kirk Murray, who sat on a selection committee that chose Rodriguez, says he’s very pleased with the decision.

“He has great energy, good ideas,” and “will lead Owl Radio in the right direction,” Ericson said.

Ericson and Rodriguez both agree that this is a “step forward.”

“This is a major turning point,” said Rodriguez about the relationship between SG and Owl Radio.

As for the controversy that ensued after SG asked that the keys be returned Ericson said, “because of this we have a stronger relationship with Owl Radio.”