Curious Ralph wants to know…

… with MTV’s Campus invasion coming to FAU, How far would you go to get on MTV?

Scott TillmanJuniorDesign

“Sleep with Carson Daly”

Melissa FullerFreshmanSecondary Education

“Eat a can of worms”

Meeka PiersonFreshmanAccounting

“Climb on top of Heritage Park dorm and yell”

Farah ManigatFreshmanPsychology

“Go to class in a bikini”

Shannon HigginsFreshmanNursing

“Jump in a pool of jello”

Tom JoyzeFreshmanPolitical Science

“Set myself on fire”

Gary GoldbergSophomorePolitical Science

“Set Tom Joyze on fire”

Shernice MathisSophomoreBiology“Eat something wierd, like on Fear Factor”