Meet your new Student Body president . . . Ancel Pratt III

“What exactly do you know about Student Government? Can you give me 60 seconds to tell you all about it?”

With that, president-elect Ancel Pratt III launches into a condensed, lightning-speed speech covering all the facets of Student Government, never pausing for breath or slowing his pace. When his minute’s up, Pratt tilts his head and smiles. “Sorry,” he says. “I got so used to talking fast during elections that now I can’t stop.”

On April 4, Pratt, a 24-year-old marketing and management double major, was elected Student Government president for the 2003-2004 school year. It has been a long road for Pratt, who entered FAU in 1997. A year later, he got involved with SG when he became advertising chair for the Program Board, FAU’s primary event-planning program. “A friend told me a position on the board was available,” Pratt says. “I wanted to make students happy and build up morale on campus.”

Since joining SG in ’98, Pratt has also served as an ambassador for the Florida African American Student Association, director of Homecoming, and president of the Black Student Union. During the past year, he acted as SG vice president under Pablo Paez.

Pratt’s main goal is making SG more visible to FAU’s students. “I want my staff to be very educated about FAU and SG so they can better inform the students,” he says. “We want to service them through enhancement of our programs, integrity of our staff, and commitment to the students.”

Pratt also plans to make sure students know how SG can help them. “We’re directly affecting your college career,” he says. “We’re lobbying, doing petitions to save the Bright Futures scholarship, and letting you know what your rights and privileges are.”

Pratt would like the SG office to become a popular place on campus. “We’re going to be customer service-oriented. Help us help you,” he says. “I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. If you have any concerns or issues, please come in and let us know so we can address them. Otherwise, we’re not doing our job.

After he graduates next year, Pratt plans to remain in South Florida. “I’m probably going to stay in Ft. Lauderdale and serve the community there,” he says. “I may also teach.”

Until then, Pratt is dedicated to serving the community of FAU.

“By the time I leave,” he says, “I want FAU to be one of the paramount institutions in Florida.”

Originally published 4.24.03