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Novice artists get their time to shine at Mixed

Some of them are art majors; some definitely arení_t. But no FAU studentí_s artwork was turned away from Mixed, the Ritter Art Galleryí_s new exhibit showing through Nov. 22.

The exhibit is made up entirely of student work, and students are pleased that an undertaking like this has finally been realized.

It í_s pretty neat that the Potterí_s Guild, Sculpture Society, and Painterí_s Forum came together to put on the show, senior Jennifer Nesmachinov says. íåItí_s the first time theyí_ve done something like this.

Former FAU student Phyllis Pritcher was also impressed.

I took a class here in 1987, she says. This is very exciting. I came to the first show the gallery had when it opened and it is really exciting to see this. I think ití_s wonderful that there is such a good expression for the artists here.

The man behind Mixed is graduate student Bradley Lezo, who worked every day of the week until midnight for one month to put on the show. According to Lezo, no piece was turned down, and the show represents budding artists as well as people who have done it for years. Graphic design and photography were not included because there are no clubs for those two branches of art, though Lezo hopes to include them next year.

Its great that students can have a show by themselves, not juried, that includes all works, senior Anne Grinney says. Not only does the show contain all works submitted, but it features an eclectic mix of pieces, from serious works like Lezoí_s own Security blanket, which features pictures of the atrocities of war, to more light-hearted fare such as Richard Poundí_s dart sculpture.

The show reflects me as a person; Ií_m a mess, Lezo says. íåIí_m taking four majors í± sculpture, ceramics, painting and art history. I wanted to convey that to the community.

On Nov. 7, the showí_s opening night, 300 people showed up to see the works on display. The opening also incorporated music by DJ Dean Michaels and an impromptu guitar performance towards the end by Dustin Rice, a non-student who arrived with a friend and just decided to start playing, according to Lezo.

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