I will remain unamed for now…

I suppose I am writing this letter to you because I am not sure who to turn to. I would be writing the Vice President of Academic Affairs, but I guess I though better of it, since there are,… well,… some important people involved. Screw it…

Here’s the thing. I work for a private-for-profit University. I am in charge of ordering the books and other ancillary materials for the bookstore and instructors, from time to time.

For the last year, the president of this University has come to me from time to time and asked/ordered me to acquire certain texts, along with the answer keys and all of the instructor materials for the texts, for classes that his son takes,… not at our university, but at FAU.

I guess I should pause right there and let it sink in, but the truth is that I am still struggling about directly divulging any other details because I am scared for my job. From time to time (and in private) I have voiced my opinion on this to the president and my manager, but frankly, I don’t think they care and I don’t think anybody really does in this world anymore, so why should I? Still, what’s going on is not right and apparently the same thing was happening with the last bookstore person before me (I did a little research on my own).

I don’t think cheating is right and even if there are people who are more liberally inclined, it simply isn’t right,… that just because you’re the son of someone in the educational system that you get an edge over all of the other, honest, hard-working students. It isn’t right.

I feel,…

Well, nevermind. If someone over there at the paper want to contact me, I’ll talk. I don’t think it will go anywhere if I take it to someone in academics over there because I think that this president (the one I’m talking about) will simply pull strings and weasel out of it.

It’s a shame. I dunno what to do.